Armed protester named “Maserati Mike” joins protests outside the Kenosha courthouse

Protests outside the Kenosha courthouse continued with the arrival of an armed man called “Maserati Mike” on Wednesday as jury deliberations on the Kyle Rittenhouse case began on day two.

‘Mike’ arrived in the black sports car where he adopted his nickname, wearing a megaphone and thin glasses and a bow tie.

“Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization,” he chanted before police told him to put his gun down because he was 300 meters from a school – an order he was obeying. He agreed and then left the seat in his sports car.

There were only a handful of others, including a woman with an American flag, but more are expected as the day progresses.

On Tuesday, BLM protesters clashed with Rittenhouse fans, who made white power signs on the steps of the courthouse.

Rittenhouse faces life behind bars if found guilty of the charges the jury is now debating – attempted murder, murder and reckless threat to public safety.

‘Maserati Mike’ steps out of his black Maserati at the Kenosha courthouse on Wednesday. He was the first protester there and chanted “Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization” over his megaphone.

‘Mike’ wore a shirt, bow tie and pants, and a bulletproof vest. He had an assault rifle and a megaphone with him

The sheriff’s deputies rushed to tell him to put his gun down because he was within 1,000 feet of a school, which he obeyed

The activist is one of many who showed up at the courthouse to support Rittenhouse, who is on trial for murder

There is increased security in the courthouse from both law enforcement agencies and private security guards hired by media organizations

A protester outside Kenosha County Court House on Wednesday morning as jury deliberations entered a second day

Mike is shown back to his Maserati after singing through a megaphone. Fear of the trial and judgment that is expected any moment this week is growing

A woman waved an American flag outside Kenosha Court House on Wednesday morning as jury deliberations entered a second day

Jacob Blake’s uncle Justin returned to the courthouse for a second day. It was Blake who was shot by a policeman who started the riot in which Rittenhouse took part

Rittenhouse is drawing the names of the jury who will either convict him or acquit him from a drum in court on Tuesday

The case has divided the nation and resurfaced the debate that tore through the cities last summer; Rittenhouse, then 17, shot dead two BLM protesters during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which was sparked off by the shooting of Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man.

Believing himself to be a vigilante group, he gained great support across the country from others who called him a hero for defending the city against a BLM mob. Prosecutors tried to portray the teenager as a bloodthirsty, trigger-happy, privileged white boy who was gently touched by the local police officers.

The process itself even replicated the issues that were disputed.

Judge Bruce Schroeder has been labeled a “racist” by public viewers who believe he is prejudiced against Rittenhouse. When he allowed him to pick the names of the jury at random from a barrel, the claim caught fire on social media and some referred to it as a “shameful” example of white privilege.

Rittenhouse fans include Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a St. Louis couple who were at the center of the debate last year when they chased BLM protesters off their property at their own guns.

They posed on the courthouse steps yesterday with people making the hand gesture known to represent “white power” – a favorite among white racists.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki commented on the case Monday, saying the country should “never” have vigilante groups on the streets.

Judge Schroeder told the jury on Monday that nobody looks at the opinion of anyone, including the president, who called Rittenhouse a “white racist” the year before he was elected president.

Tuesday: Mark McCloskey, center, a Republican candidate for the US Senate in Missouri, poses for a picture with Rittenhouse supporters

Tuesday: Police take security measures as BLM protesters and Kyle Rittenhouse supporters gather outside the Kenosha County Courthouse to await the verdict at the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Tuesday: Rittenhouse supporters carried a “Let’s Go Brandon” flag on Tuesday. The phrase has become a Republican rallying cry to protest the liberal media’s bias towards President Biden. It came about when a journalist on the air claimed a crowd was singing “Let’s Go Brandon” instead of “F *** Joe Biden”.

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