Apple’s 5G modem becomes 4nm due to TSMCs. arrive on the iPhone

At a time when a lot is being said about 3nm by TSMC, it seems that Apple is going to bet tough and ugly on 4nm. At least for the modem, which should be an integral part of the next generation of iPhone smartphones. A novelty that we expect to see with the iPhone 14 from 2022.

Finally, the purchase of the Intel department responsible for modem development is showing the first fruits. This is super interesting, because Apple is becoming more and more independent of parallel markets and companies outside of its domain. So this time around, Qualcomm is banned after losing one of its biggest customers.

Apple’s 5G modem becomes 4nm due to TSMCs. arrive on the iPhone

5g modem from

Therefore, Apple and TSMC are currently working on the development and production of completely new 5G modems. That in turn should be part of the iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 (2022 or 2023).

But everything indicates early on that these modems will be separated from the SoC Apple A Bionic. A bit similar to the Qualcomm modems used in the current iPhone 12 and 13.

Which apparently opens the door to some sort of management of TSMC’s production resources, with the SoC being made in the 3nm process and the modem staying at 4nm. However, it could also mean that TSMC is not yet very confident about making 3nm chips, which means that it will most likely not be able to achieve the desired level of production that the partners need.

Nevertheless, everything indicates that Apple will lower the contract values โ€‹โ€‹with Qualcomm by switching to the new modem, with Qualcomm only supplying 20% โ€‹โ€‹of all smartphones from the North American giant of cracked Apple.

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