Apple Watch 8 is not going to revolutionize. What is normal

Apple will not be able to implement the long-awaited temperature sensors and glucose measurement for the new Watch 8 in time. What we have to be realistic about is normal. Today in the consumer technology world, we always expect great innovations, designs that defy the laws of physics and even logic, etc., etc., but unfortunately that doesn’t work. It is impossible to bring innovative products to market every year and that is completely normal.

Apple Watch 8 is not going to revolutionize. What is normal

Apple Watch 8

As you can imagine, maybe it is time to stop waiting for big updates year after year. Even if last year’s product wasn’t a big breakthrough.

In other words, if you were a little disappointed with the Apple Watch Series 7, which included a slight redesign and specification improvement, you will continue to be disappointed! Because according to the latest information, it won’t be much different with the Apple Watch Series 8. In summary, You can forget the temperature sensor and apparently also the one for measuring blood sugar.

Which, while normal, is also a little strange, given that there were several “leaks” on the subject last summer, including popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Recently, however, some of the personalities who have moved on with the news have returned, such as the example of Gurman who recently went public and said Apple will not be able to do so (or maybe you don’t want to) implement the sensors you want in the next version of your smartwatch. Assuming the temperature sensor could arrive in 2023, but the blood pressure sensor shouldn’t become a reality until 2024. However, the glucose sensor is not expected to become a reality until 2025.

Unfortunately at this point in the championship when Apple enjoys such an obvious dominance in the world of smartwatches. Maybe it’s a good idea to relax and not expect big things every year. In fact, that’s exactly the message Apple has been conveying since the Watch Series 6. With iterative updates instead of revolutionary ones. In short, Apple doesn’t have to tinker a lot in the smartwatch world. Therefore, the focus is more on the profit margin and less on innovative technology.

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