Apple VR? It will become a reality in 2022

Much has been said about Apple’s virtual reality / augmented reality helmet and a lot of good people say that this really is the great American giant project and that it is even the ‘iPhone killer‘in case the thing hits the market.

This and the Apple Car must be the big farewell projects for Tim Cook, who is already thinking about leaving the CEO position and is therefore already thinking about his successor.

Apple VR? It will become a reality in 2022

Apple VR?

So according to new information, everything is ready for a release sometime in 2022, most likely a long way from the iPhone 14 release. Well … From a helmet with AR and VR capabilities, which in its initial state is super geared towards the consumption of multimedia content. That is, series, films and games.

In order to achieve a breathtaking level of performance, everything indicates that the helmet does not have the external processing of an iPhone, iPad or MacBook. Instead, it will be a real computing device with an M-series SoC. In fact, according to several rumors, the SoC that will give this line of helmets will humiliate all the processors Apple has launched in any of its line of products.

Incidentally, according to our knowledge so far, the Apple helmet will have two SoCs. One for Apple M1-level computing and another that takes care of all of the data the sensors collect during use. In addition to the computing power, the helmet should have two Micro-OLED 4K screens from Sony.

As for the price … It’s going to be expensive … It’s going to be very expensive! Probably around 3000 €.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Is this really the future of the mobile world? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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