Apple is waiting for Samsung to develop perfect foldables!

Most Apple fans are longingly waiting for the first foldables. At a time when several manufacturers have already adopted this technology, such as Samsung and OPPO, the apple giant does not want to make any progress. In this regard, the well-known Apple leakster Dylan says that Apple is already testing some prototypes, but …

Apple is waiting for Samsung to develop perfect foldables!

According to the leakster, Apple remains concerned about the technology of foldable smartphones and the market itself. Several iPhone prototypes with folding displays are already being tested. However, “there are still too many problems with this technology”. In addition, the apple giant is also worried about trends. So they want to understand whether “foldable smartphones will still have a place in the market or will fall by the wayside”. This is undoubtedly something legitimate. It’s just that honestly no one knows whether this market really has legs or not.

In any case, Apple wants to ensure that its foldable smartphone is not a step backwards from the current iPhone. As for the release dates, rumors point to 2023. However, this cannot be set in stone. It really seems that Apple is waiting to see all this is to come and is closely following Samsung’s launches.

Foldable iPhone rumors have been circulating since 2016, and we’ve already heard reports of several prototypes that Apple is testing. Samsung has reportedly provided samples of foldable screens to Apple for testing purposes, but development has yet to go beyond a screen.

Source: MacRumors

At least one of Apple’s foldable iPhone prototypes has two separate bezels attached to a hinge, which is different from the single-screen designs that Samsung introduced. Another has been described as a clamshell iPhone similar to the Galaxy Z Flip.

Let me remind you that flip screen smartphones continue to have durability and build quality issues, and also come with a high price tag that far exceeds the cost of regular smartphones.

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