Apple: iPhone 14 Pro could be the first with a USB-C connection!

Many don’t understand the reasons that led Apple to use a proprietary charging port on the iPhone. However, you do have your rights, especially if you think it’s worth more. In any case, this time is drawing to a close. According to new information, Apple will bring the USB-C port to its smartphones in 2022, but only for the Pro model of the iPhone 14.

Apple: iPhone 14 Pro could be the first with a USB-C connection!

This information was shared on Twitter by Leaks ApplePro and iDropNews, and there seem to be three good reasons for that. First, you want to avoid legal issues by not using a universal Type-C USB port. I remember recently the European Union pushed USB-C ports for all devices. So you are ready to accept that you are not following this advice.

iPhone 14 Pro USB-C

Although the iPhone 14 Pro will be the only variant with a USB-C port in 2022, there are other models that could be added in 2023. In addition, this change guarantees even more speed. Will the Lightning cable continue to use the speeds of USB 2.0 ports? In the past, some iPad models switched to the USB-C port to take advantage of USB 3.0.

The final reason for this exchange is, after all, environmental issues. By switching to a USB-C port, it will be possible to reduce electronic waste.

But this is not the first time that this topic of changing doors has been discussed. On November 10, the well-known leakster of the Apple world, Jon Prosser of the FPT YouTube channel, said the same thing. We have to point out that one person has not been wrong in the past two years, especially when it comes to Apple’s plans.

Do you agree with this change or was it better to keep the lightning connection?

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