Apple has several “prototype” folds. but not convinced

It is not new to anyone that Samsung is doing reasonably well in the world of foldable smartphones in the field of development in isolation from all competitors. Yes, it’s true, we’ve seen some super interesting designs like that on Oppo, presented a few weeks ago … But in terms of production capacity? There is no manufacturer in the market that can compete with what Samsung has already launched and will continue to bring to market.

However, Apple is already lurking! And if there’s one thing the North American Apple giant doesn’t lack, it’s money for investments and production capacities. Even so, Apple still doesn’t believe this is the way to go.

Apple has several “prototype” folds. but not convinced

Apple has

As a result, Apple is already testing several functional foldable smartphone prototypes, and there are even plans to introduce a foldable iPhone. However, it appears that everything is in cod waters. Do you know why? Aside from the fact that Apple is not convinced of the “foldable” design, the company is also concerned about the underlying technology, the flexible OLED panel.

For a very short time, Apple thinks the technology is not yet mature. In order to bring a finished product to market, several compromises have to be made in the area of ​​construction quality.

Apart from this concern, that is something that every consumer of foldable smartphones has in mind. Apple hasn’t quite figured out how to turn iOS into an operating system for folding devices, either. Perhaps more importantly … a foldable iPhone? Do Apple fans want something like this? Finally, the company has to think about its iPad tablet range. Apple cannot and does not want to bring a new range of products onto the market that can cannibalize iPad sales.

While all of these questions remain unanswered, as far as we know, Apple is considering launching its first foldable smartphone in 2023, featuring an 8-inch flexible OLED screen that offers QHD + resolution. Information has already been confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young.

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