Apple has launched a cleaning cloth for € 25! And … it’s already sold out!

Did you know that among all the products Apple has launched in the past few weeks, there is a $ 25 cleaning cloth? Yes, a simple cleaning cloth that costs € 25 in Portugal (US $ 19).

A substance that, in a very curious way, will be out of stock by 2022.

Apple has launched a cleaning cloth for € 25! And … it’s already sold out!

Cleaning schedule

So you’re probably thinking right now … But who in their right mind buys a simple cleaning cloth for 25 sticks? Apparently a lot of consumers!

the cloth is sold out, and according to Apple, no surprises. The North American giant was already waiting for this demand. So if you want one of these cloths with the Apple logo on, you’ll have to wait between 10 and 12 weeks. In other words, there won’t be more bearings until 2022.

What is the difference? What is the reason for the price?

Well … in all honesty … none!

You can find much cheaper alternatives with the same cleaning performance in every specialist shop. But in Apple’s words, the cleaning cloth is compatible with 88 Apple products and is based on a soft, non-abrasive material. It is thus able to clean any Apple screen, including nanostructured glass.

Of course, the manufacturer does not reveal the basic materials of the cloth. But our friends at iFixit have already done it for Apple and have come to the conclusion that the € 25 Apple cloth is actually a mixture of two different cloths that are glued together. However, despite the ridiculous price, the truth is that after examining it, it is easy to see that the cloth is really well made and is of very good quality.

But of course it is not that different from other wipes, such as can be found in the MagicFiber 6 wipe package, which of course costs less than 10 € (the whole package!).

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