Apple has changed its strategy! Home repairs? It is possible!

Apple is one of the manufacturers who have fought hardest against the “right to redress”. For obvious reasons, the American giant ended up building an entire repair ecosystem around the world that is not only fast and efficient, but also brings a lot of euros into the till.

However, the 2021 strategy seems to have changed somewhat. In the end, Apple is now making repairs easier Home improvement (Do It Yourself), for MacBooks and iPhones. What happened?

Apple has changed its strategy! Home repairs? It is possible!

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As a result, Apple now plans to allow the sale of components and even tools (and guides) to make repairs easier outside of its ecosystem. But this is not about a ready-made strategy to allow for in-shop repairs, no, the idea here is to have the user do it at home, with Apple “offering” the parts and all the necessary information for the procedure.

This new strategy starts with the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and also the latest MacBooks that come with M1 chips. That means fixing screens, batteries, and even cameras.

This is a big change in Apple’s plans! In case you didn’t know, if you change some components outside of the repair ecosystem, you’ll end up losing features like Face ID, Touch ID, or battery status information.

However, this program is called “Self Service Repair” and it appears to be a reality early next year. First in the United States and then gradually in other regions.

However, this ‘program’ is intended more for the avid user who knows what they are doing. Apple continues to suggest repairs at its centers, not at home.

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