Apple Car: Looks like the project has regained “new life”

It is not new to anyone that Apple is interested in creating a super-smart electric vehicle that can be sold en masse. It has been on the internet several times and has been approached by many personalities in the automotive industry.

In fact, it is less and less of a “project” … But it’s a product that will inevitably hit the tarmac. Well, after some time of silence, we have a new ‘zoom-zoom’ over the so famous Apple Car.

Apple Car: Looks like the project has regained “new life”

Apple car:

According to new information, it looks like Apple is ready to accept the project again. And, from all appearances, an effort to really move things forward is to outline the car itself as well as the much-needed production plans.

In fact, sources close to the project told Bloomberg journalists that Apple had renewed interest while shifting its focus to autonomous capabilities.

Interestingly, this new information points to the end of the development of a basic system for the coveted autonomous driving. We’re talking about a super advanced chip. Multiple sources claim that this is the most advanced component ever, coming from the laboratories of the giant responsible for the MacBook and iPhone.

As you can imagine, however, Apple only wants to deal with that part of the autonomous driving system and maybe give some “touches” to the design. Everything else has to come from a manufacturer with a lot of know-how in the development and production of “premium” vehicles. What will this manufacturer be? This is the million dollar question, because according to the many rumors published, Apple has already held talks with several major manufacturers, the last big name mentioned being Hyundai.

Will the Apple Car Really Realize? What do you think of all of this? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


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