Annastacia Palaszczuk gives the go-ahead for the Schoolies celebrations despite the Gold Coast Covid outbreak

Thousands of 12th grade students got the green light to drop their hair and celebrate to celebrate the end of their school years.

Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk has confirmed that the state’s popular Schoolies celebrations can take place in the coming days.

There were fears that the Gold Coast official celebrations would not take place for the second year in a row after the region recorded two mysterious Covid-19 cases last week.

Ms. Palaszczuk confirmed the celebrations will go ahead as planned after Queensland had not recorded any new cases in the past 24 hours.

Official Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast will take place for the first time since 2019 (Pictured: revelers at the last end of the school celebrations)

‘Schoolies is good to go!’ the Prime Minister announced to Parliament on Thursday.

“The Chief Health Officer has said he is confident that the two cases on the Gold Coast have been contained and that there has been no further spread to the community.

“I want to thank the Gold Coast community for coming out and getting tested.”

Ms. Palaszczuk also paid tribute to the state’s 53,000 school leavers.

“I want to pay tribute to these inspiring young Queenslanders who completed their last two years of school in the shadow of Covid,” she said.

“A lot of events were canceled and had to learn to adapt and just move on. You’re not getting nearly enough recognition, so I’ll say it now – congratulations, you did it. ‘

The Queensland Prime Minister confirmed that the state’s Schoolies celebrations can continue

The school celebrations on the Gold Coast were canceled in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic

A fully vaccinated Uber driver tested positive last week after being infectious in the Gold Coast community for three days when the region recorded an unrelated second case, a man, 32.

“We are currently not doing anything about the restrictions on the Gold Coast. But we’re worried because there is schoolies coming up, ”said Dr. Peter Aitken back then.

“If we get through the next week I’m pretty confident that Schoolies will be fine.”

Ms. Palaszczuk added: “We don’t want to cancel schoolies … but it will depend on what happens in the next seven days.”

Queensland currently has 11 active cases across the state as the Sunshine State prepares to reopen its borders with NSW and Victoria next month.

More than 83.21 percent of Queenslanders over the age of 16 have rolled up their sleeves for at least one vaccination, while 71.60 percent are now fully vaccinated.

The first week of Schoolies on the Gold Coast begins on Saturday.

School celebrations will also begin next week in Western Australia, during which night owls will not be allowed to bring bags to events.

The ban was introduced by Leavers WA, a joint venture between the state government and the police force, to minimize harm to participants.

Thousands of school leavers will flock to Surfers Paradise for Schoolies this weekend

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