‘Anime’ of the last arc already has a premiere frame

Early last year The weekly Shōnen Jump magazine announced that the “anime” of bleaching would return after 8 years of its cancellation to adapt the final arc of the ‘Manga’. However, the pandemic changed plans and for almost 2 years we have not received any more news about the long-awaited animated adaptation of the Bloody Millennial War.

Only a few days until the Jump Festa 2022, the latest edition of the Weekly Shōnen Jump announced that the “Anime” by bleaching finally has a new return date.

When will the premiere of the ‘anime’ of the final arc be? bleaching, the Bloody Millennial War?

The ‘anime’ of the final arc of bleaching, The Bloody Millennial War, will air in October 2022. It is currently unknown how many episodes there will be.

Who is involved in the production?

When will the premiere of the ‘anime’ of the final arc be? bleaching? It is not known at the moment. However, they will likely reveal more about the sequel to the ‘anime’ from bleaching at Jump Festa 2022.

At the moment it is unknown who is involved in the production of the ‘anime’ of the final arc of the game bleaching, the Bloody Millennial War. It’s not even known if Studio Pierrot will be responsible for animation again. Most likely, this information will be on the Super Stage of. announced bleaching at Jump Festa 2022, which will take place on December 18th.

Why is bleaching?

The story follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15 year old who has had the ability to see ghosts for as long as he can remember. Thanks to this gift, Ichigo can see them ‘shinigami’ or Soul Reaper Rukia kuchiki when he enters his room. After she saves Ichigo from a attack Hollow —A lost soul, dangerous for ghosts and humans alike “, Rukia has to surrender her powers to the teenager so that he can fulfill his mission. As a replacement for Shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki must defend the city of Karakura from the threats of the Hollow with the help of other allies of the supernatural world.

In the ‘Manga’, the Thousand Year Bloody War Arc comprises the last 206 chapters. It takes place after the Lost Agent arc, the last one the ‘Anime’ adapted.

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