Angel is the 35th character in the game

Last weekend, SNK fans were able to enjoy the open beta of. enjoy The King of Fighters XV. Now the Osaka company has unveiled the trailer for KOF XV Number 35 with fishing rod. With the arrival of Angel, there are only four characters left The King of Fighters XV to be announced by SNK.

The silhouette that SNK shared this week was easy to decipher.

Who is angel

Angel (ア ン ヘ ル) made her debut in the game The King of Fighters 2001. She is a NEST agent whose mission is to watch over K’9999. Also, Foxy and Kula, along with K’9999, aim to eliminate K ‘. After the events of KOF 2001 she turned up in the story of. back on The King of FiGhters XIV as a member of the “Team México” with Ramón and KOD.

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How many characters will it have? KOF XV?

Angel KOF XV
From mid-2021, SNK has announced how many characters it will have KOF XV.

In 2020, Japanese developer SNK began unveiling the 39 playable characters that will be available from the launch of. will be available KOF XV. We have dedicated a separate area to each of them:

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Source: SNK’s official YouTube account

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