Android warning: Warning, do not open this very dangerous SMS!

I always say that bad people can’t get enough of inventing new ways to deceive others. In fact, we saw it all. Especially on smartphones. Now and after the fashion of the news that a package could not be delivered or the power failure, everything revolves around voicemail. And there are several messages to be sent at this level. I just got two today. Some in English, which as such become less believable, and others in Portuguese. Some are so well made that they can even lead people astray. But what’s the matter? SMS messages are arriving from active Android cell phone numbers owned by private users, which is what caused us to start this alert. Are these people sending these threats? Or are they victims too? We took this danger apart and explained everything.

Android alarm

Android Alert: Attention, do not charge anything in this SMS!

Everything works very simply. We received a message that we have a new voicemail. This message comes from a normal number, whether it’s 93, 92, 91, or 96. It varies widely. With the notification comes a link that we have to click to listen to the voicemail. However, if we do this we will end up with the infected smartphone. Worst of all, it’s not just any threat. It is a very dangerous threat based on a malware called Flubot.

Android alarm

This SMS threat to Android systems is very well done and that’s why we launched this alert!

To analyze this threat I followed the links and checked the behavior. Now the compromised website that hosts the page that leads us to download the dangerous app can detect what type of device we are using. For example, when I open the links on my computer, I have access to a perfectly normal page that is not attacking anyone. This is because FluBot only attacks Android mobile devices. However, when we are on an Android smartphone, we will see a page similar to the one shown below.

In addition, it looks extremely trustworthy as the operator logo varies depending on the operator. MEO, Vodafone or NOS. It also shows our phone number. In other words, it looks really trustworthy.

Android alarm

However, the message states that the voicemail is in a high quality format and can only be listened to with our application. This is the trick scammers use to trick us into downloading an app. In fact, they go even further. They explain what we should do if a window appears to prevent the installation.

What happens when we install this application?

Once we install it, we give all of our data to criminals. But it steals more than just our data. It’s just that our number is used to spread more malicious SMS messages that are deceiving other people.

The Swiss security company PRODAFT has analyzed this threat and describes it as very dangerous, as it can even overlay interfaces to regular apps and thus steal the data we have entered. We think we’re putting them on the bank’s app, for example, but in reality we’re sending them to other people.

How to remove?

Android alarm

While this malware isn’t easy to remove, especially since it has access to the accessibility features, there is good news here. A well-known XDA element has developed a free app that solves this problem. This app is available here.

In order for it to work, it is temporarily installed as the default launcher. This allows you to access certain functions. Then it removes the virus and goes back to being a normal application.

Android alarm

However, you can also use this app to see if the infection is on your smartphone. Take this Android notification with voicemail notifications very seriously.

This threat causes a lot of problems!

In fact, some people don’t understand that whoever sent the message wasn’t to blame. In other words, they haven’t done anything useful. As such, they send threatening reply messages that can lead to many problems. Also because the person who receives it receives a message out of nowhere and does not even notice that he has sent something before. So how much more is it worth answering yourself with this article. At the very least, it will help the person get rid of the threat.

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