Android: If your smartphone does this, it could be infected!

Nobody is safe. Even with all due care, our smartphone can become infected without prior notice and problems can arise. In fact, many people have problems with their smartphones and don’t even associate them with an infection. They think that there is a hardware problem or that the device has failed because it is more than two years old. But in reality, most of the problems stem from installed threats that no one notices. Lest you be surprised, these are the signs that your Android smartphone is infected!

Android: If your smartphone does this, it could be infected!

These infections are often caused by applications that we download, in some cases even from official stores such as the Play Store. When installed, they try to trick people into giving them permission to access sensitive content. Install an app and it asks about this world and the other. Most people don’t care and say yes.

The second examines weak points in smartphones. They make it possible to access sensitive information and even administrator rights. In other words, in this case there is no longer any need for people to endorse anything. Come on in and that’s it.

Android infected

The warning signs

It is necessary that people be very attentive to these signs. This can mean the difference between massive data and money theft and tremendous peace of mind. You have to be aware of that.

Constantly appearing advertisements no matter what application you are using

Indeed, this is a huge red flag. Advertisements usually appear and fill the entire screen or the bottom of an app. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, the bank’s app or while surfing the Internet.

Android infected

Install an application and the icon will immediately disappear

These applications have something different from the others and this is why many people think they didn’t even have them installed. When they are installed, you will see a warning that there was a problem with the installation. Then the symbol disappears. So the person thinks they are not on the smartphone, but in reality they are. Some of these threats do not steal user data. However, you no longer use the smartphone. We are bombarded with advertising, which then redirects us to suspicious portals and these may even try to access our data.

The battery runs out very quickly!

This is one of the big signs that something is wrong. If everything has worked without problems up to now and the battery has lasted a long time and suddenly no longer works, this is a sign that something has changed. Applications running secretly on smartphones consume resources. These functions ensure that the battery is drained faster. Sometimes much faster.

Android infected

Find apps you don’t recognize on your smartphone

With so many apps installed, it is normal for something to appear on the smartphone every now and then that we do not recognize. But one thing is an application here and there. Another problem is when new and, above all, strange apps keep popping up. If you have a tendency to see unknown apps on your smartphone, don’t be cute and delete them now.

Android infected

Have locked files

Ransomware blocks files on Android smartphones. If you are infected, you can probably try and access something. However, sooner or later you will know. This is because a ransom is required.

What can happen on an infected Android smartphone that puts you at risk

In addition to constantly displaying advertisements, malware can also access private information. What these threats look for and steal the most is your bank credentials, device information, phone number, contact list.

It goes without saying that this can be used for multiple purposes.

From accessing the bank on your behalf to selling your information in a parallel market. In fact, we often get calls from abroad who want to blame us for that very reason.

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