Android: Bluetooth can put you in danger and turning it off won’t!

Our smartphone sends out unique bluetooth radio signals that can be identified and used to follow us and do other things. This is the most important conclusion of a new study that talks about Android smartphones and Bluetooth dangers, but also about iPhones. Worst of all, turning off Bluetooth doesn’t solve the problem. In fact, with Apple smartphones, the device has to be switched off completely in order not to follow us.

Android: If you use bluetooth, it is in danger and turning it off will not work!

When bluetooth is on, all smartphones, laptops and smartwatches do their best to keep us anonymous. However, it becomes relatively easy to identify the characteristic signals sent by each device. Thus, it is possible to track these individually, as mentioned in the University of California study.

Android bluetooth danger

“Even if there are hundreds of smartphones in a room, it is still possible to find and track a specific device.”

But are all Android and iPhone bluetooth devices at risk?

Some are easier to track and identify than others. Although the study mentions Android smartphones, it does indicate that iPhones are even more popular than other devices. This is because they are stronger. However, they send out stronger Bluetooth signals than Android smartphones.

But how much does it cost to follow a smartphone?

Register’s website states that it can cost around $ 200 to buy a device that lets you track smartphones.

Android bluetooth danger

However, if you manage to connect a smartphone to a person, it will be possible to follow them around the city with 96% accuracy. This is really worrying.

This study, which speaks of Bluetooth attacks and mobile devices, will be published in May 2022.

However, this attack method has its limits. This is because it works better with some devices than others.

What can we do to be better protected?

On Android smartphones and Windows laptops, it may be sufficient to turn off Bluetooth. With iPhones, however, things are different. The bluetooth is used in functions like finding devices or for AirDrop.

In fact, even if we turn off bluetooth, it still works because of these operations.

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