Android Auto: There’s a new problem with calls!

This Google platform doesn’t have it easy. Is that the search engine giant has confirmed that it is analyzing a problem in Android Auto affecting the incoming calls. At the moment, this situation doesn’t seem to be very common. Even so, it’s serious enough to have the Google team review.

Android Auto: There’s a new problem with calls!

According to reports in Google forums, it happens that incoming calls are not displayed in the vehicle when Android Auto is running. In other words, they could call us, but we’ll never find out. This is because we did not receive the notification. We only know that something is going on by looking at our smartphone. It goes without saying that we must also use it for answering and speaking at this time.

Automatic Android calls

However, this is not the only flaw that exists on this platform. In fact, there is another one that was even videotaped.

There are already several reports in Google forums indicating that Google Maps has stopped working for no reason and will restart while driving. This seems to happen every 5 or 10 minutes and although the application is reloading the target it is an awkward situation. Especially when you come to an intersection and we don’t know where to go next.

However, users report that this happens with both wired and wireless connections to Android Auto.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem.

We have to live with that, at least until Google releases an update on this. However, if you are thinking of performing a full reset to resolve this issue, forget about it. It’s just that it doesn’t solve the problem and you just lose your belongings unnecessarily.

However, this isn’t the only flaw in Google Maps. The other situation has started showing up lately and people are complaining on google forums. There are several people who always need to share their location for various reasons. However, if this function does not work after a certain period of time, it can lead to complicated situations.

Automatic Android calls

In fact, it has already created problems between couples and quite a few. This is because one person thinks the other has turned off sharing on purpose.

However, for most people, this option is still there. The problem is, it doesn’t work even if you choose.

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