Android alert: beware, these 200 apps are spying on users!

We have to be very careful with the apps on our smartphones. It’s just that installing the wrong app leads to a lot of problems and our information starts to circulate everywhere and even fall into the wrong hands. However, investigators from a well-known security company have discovered almost 200 apps that spy on users of the Android operating system.

Android Alert: Warning, these 200 apps are spying on users!

Dangerous apps, when installed, give other people access to our text messages and even our location. However, they have been downloaded over nine million times. The Dr. Web Antivirus team reports that it found the dangerous apps in the app gallery available for all Huawei smartphones.

However, they disappeared from the store after the complaint. However, if you’ve downloaded some, they might still be on your smartphone.

Android 200 apps

Apps are what experts call Trojans or Trojans. This is a nod to the Trojan horse, which is dangerous because it pretends to be normal apps to fool people.

Once installed on the victim’s smartphone, the app releases malware. Then it steals data and can control the devices.

Android 200 apps

Most of them disguise themselves as apps for children. They come in different styles and include fake simulators, strategy games, and shooters.

However, as soon as an app arrived on the smartphone, permission was immediately asked to make and manage calls. From the start and when this was accepted they had access to the phone number, SMS and even GPS coordinates.

So that you don’t get any surprises and immediately check if you have any of the dangerous apps installed, you can check the full list here.

Android 200 apps

If there are any on your smartphone, you need to uninstall them now.

To avoid these threats, it is recommended that you only download apps from reputable and well-known publishers.

It is also important to update your mobile device.

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