Android 12 to reach all smartphones! Is it worth changing?

Regardless of whether via official or unofficial ROMs, Android 12 reaches all users. However, when it is time to switch, there are always some back-footed users. It’s just that something can go wrong with the upgrade process or the features may not be right. So it is important to ask a question. So it’s worth switching to Android 12. reaches all smartphones?

A strong design

Android 12 comes with a new design and is actually becoming an important operating system for anyone who is serious about the visual aspect. However, the new version analyzes the colors used in the background image and applies them to other UI elements. This alone guarantees a very interesting experience.

Android 12 all

Thanks to this dynamic, we never get tired of the user interface. And when we get tired, just switch the wallpaper for a completely different experience.

Roles for players

Anyone who plays on their smartphone has every reason to switch to Android 12. Not only because it’s faster, but also because it has special features for games. This allows us to record our gaming sessions, stream them on YouTube, or even access FPS in real time. We also have various game profiles available. These are Performance, Standard and Battery Saver.

Android 12 all

Operate the smartphone with one hand

Google has a native mode on Android 12 that allows easy one-handed operation. To enable it, just go to Settings> System> Gestures. In practice, this feature makes the user interface smaller so that you can go anywhere with your thumb. Note, however, that this will only work if we are using gesture navigation.

Android 12 all

Share faster

Quick picture sharing has been improved in Android 12. Now if we pull a picture from Instagram, Chrome or other similar apps, a list of recommended contacts will appear at the bottom of the interface. That makes sharing a lot easier.

Android 12 all
Source: AndroidPolice

More privacy

Google wants to offer users more privacy. However, we do have a screen that gives you access to an overview of the apps that have recently accessed location, data, camera, microphone, and other permissions in the past 24 hours.

Android 12 all

Simpler conversations

The new Android 12 includes a very useful widget that gives you quick access to the latest conversations. So we can resize the widget as we like, select a current conversation and quickly access it.

Android 12 all
Source: Android Central

How to take full-screen recordings

Meanwhile, Android 12 comes with a very interesting feature that lets you take a full screen capture.

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