Android 12 is now available for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung wants to end the year on a grand scale and as such the One UI 4.0 comes on several devices. That is, and after the stable Android 12 reached the S20, Note 20, S21, Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, it has now made it to the Galaxy S10 and the original Galaxy Z Flip.

Android 12 is now available for the original Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Z Flip

With the Galaxy S10, the firmware version comes with the code name G97xFXXUEGULB. However, it does include the December fixes. It is now reaching users in Germany, so it should also reach other countries in Europe.

However, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and not 5G will also be eligible for the One UI 4.0 update in Italy and Switzerland. The same will happen in other countries shortly.

One of the innovations that deserves more attention is the new RAM Plus function.

In practice, it is possible to give the smartphone an additional 4 GB of memory. But how is that possible? In reality, the operating mode is based on an old principle that is widely used in personal computers, namely virtual memory. This converts part of the storage capacity into RAM memory. For example, it takes 4 GB from the storage space that the smartphone uses to store photos, music and other content and is used as storage.

Android 12 S10

This allows us to have more applications running in the background and as such they open much faster.

While virtual memory helps with many things, it does not completely replace the physical memory of the device. This is because it is slower.

Anyway, we’ll see a lot more speed loading applications, but that’s because they’re always running in the background. At least part of it.

Android 12 S10

However, this function cannot be used. That means we cannot adjust the storage capacity that we have. In addition, it cannot be turned on or off.

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