(Analyze) Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3: Good! But most of all practical

If you are looking for an electric scooter in the marketplace to escape the increasingly irritating surge in fossil fuels then we may have some good news for you here.

After all, the well-known Xiaomi has returned to the market to offer one of the newest and most up-to-date electric scooters in the tech world. A very interesting new bet when we look at their capabilities and their price.

As you may have noticed, it is Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3!

In short, this new scooter is a very interesting and of course even more practical alternative for everyday use. It is obviously much more geared towards being a replacement for other types of vehicles than just being a “new toy”.

However, when we ask about additional quality and features we need to have a price tag with us too. Is it all worth it

(Analysis) Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3 – A good and practical electric scooter

my scooter 3

my scooter 3

First of all, we need to understand the reasons behind the rise in usage and, of course, the popularity of electric scooters that comes with it. Is it really that practical? Let’s try to find out!

Then there is a wide range in the world of electric scooters! In my experience, I’ve had the opportunity to explore several entry-level models that actually sell the most and offer little else besides the fear of using and a good price.

On the other hand, a certain construction quality and attention to detail can already be found in this Mi Scooter 3, which of course translates into more confidence in use, more comfort and, I have to say, more practicality expresses our daily life.

In fact, before I go into more detail, I can already say that we have a super fun offer here that is very easy to use thanks to its very short and not too steep learning curve.

But let’s work in parts! We have 8.5-inch soft rubber wheels here that offer a lot of comfort but also safety.

In fact, even those who have never used such devices took no more than a few minutes to get the job done.

my scooter 3

In terms of power, Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 is equipped with an electric motor with 300 W rated power and 600 W maximum power. In other words, yes, there is plenty of capacity here for climbing until the 16th, even with me upstairs as I can easily walk around 95kg after Christmas and New Years.

So here we have a recognized and tested alternative that is becoming increasingly popular with enthusiasts. After all, we have seen the exponential increase in cycle paths in recent years, which contribute immensely to the democratization of this type of offer.

As for storage, which is also very important in this area of ​​electromobility, I could easily pack it into my car at the end of the day. In fact, the lever for folding and securing the scooter is super reliable and practical.

my scooter 3

Technical specifications:

  • Price: € 425 *
  • Engine: 300W (600W maximum)
  • Drums: 275Wh (7650mAh)
  • Maximum speed: 25 km / h
  • Autonomy: 30 km
  • 3 driving modes
  • Wheel size: 8.5 in
  • Weight: 13.2 kg
  • Maximum capacity: 100 kg
  • Material: Aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • It has an LCD screen
  • Water resistance: IP54

Advantages and disadvantages

my scooter 3

my scooter 3 my scooter 3 my scooter 3

The advantages

Well, Xiaomi Scooter 3 is a good electric scooter without a doubt.

Incidentally, this latest update surpasses the previous generation in all areas. This means that we have an acceptable and safe maximum speed of 25 km / h ex works, with a lot of autonomy, which, in addition to the guarantee of 30 km, also impresses with the help of the engine regeneration.

Speaking of regeneration, the system called KERS will recover the kinetic energy for the batteries when braking and decelerating. In my use, I noticed that this is a very practical system at the maximum level that always reminds you of what you can already find in the vast majority of electric cars.

In addition, the built-in screen is super simple and easy to read even in direct sunlight. By the way, this scooter is about comfort and practicality and luckily, because everything is very easy to use here. Even its headlights are very powerful and the brake light is good quality.

We also have aerospace grade aluminum alloy construction and that guarantees a lot more than just a pretty name. By maintaining incredible rigidity without being too heavy to transport.

Finally, I have to talk about the new brakes! They are even bigger than the previous version. Something that feels good and with a quick response to touch helps when you really need it.

my scooter 3

The disadvantages

When it comes to cons, there are few, especially considering the price of the Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3. Still, I felt that charging could be faster as a full charge takes around 5.5 hours.

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my scooter 3

my scooter 3

Xiaomi Scooter 3 is a very nice, practical and interesting scooter for those who want to get into the world of electric scooters. In other words, it is a great choice to replace some transportation around the city and have some fun on your free time. We have a lot of comfort and quality, combined with an attractive price for the offer.

What do you think of that? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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