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(Analysis) VW Golf R (VIII): How does a Golf run so much?



The VW Golf is one of the most exciting car models in the industry! Do you know why? It is a model that was launched in 1974 and has since been a complete success, evolving and adapting to different times and of course different drivers. It is a serious case of longevity, which of course is no accident.

Interestingly, it is an extremely versatile line of cars that can adapt to virtually any user.

After all, we have utility models with 1.0 TSI or 1.6 TDI engines for everyone who just wants a comfortable and efficient car. Then we have versions with 2.0 engines that are able to provide more power while maintaining their “business” and measured figure. We also have vans, we have higher versions and of course … We have the sports versions! Namely the mythical and always very popular Golf GTI and GTD, and recently also the GTE, VW’s Performance PHEV.

We’re forgetting something, aren’t we? Yes, from that Golf R, the most powerful and brutal version of the VW car, which is also undeniably the most fun. It’s the highest quality version, the most sought-after and actually the one that makes the least sense in the middle of the entire range. But let’s work in parts.

(Analysis) VW Golf R (VIII): How does a Golf run so much?

Hence, this is the maximum exponent of what the Golf range is capable of offering. We have 4 exhaust pipes, four wheel drive and some small details that turn a “simple” Golf into a car that looks more like an authentic “beast” that we could once find in “classic” games like Need For Speed ​​Underground 2 .

Honestly, when it comes to the feeling behind the wheel … I can say it’s a feeling that not even the most powerful car in the Traffic Brigade could catch us in a chase. (Not that I tried, but there was no lack of pleasure!: P)

The “R” range is just that, it has always been in the VW ranks … but here it feels like it has reached a whole new level!

A level that, in our opinion, will make every GTI or GTD fan cry with shame. In addition to speed, this Golf R also offers stability and control, which in turn offer a driving experience that simply calls for more. Here I start to question … “How does a Golf run so much, and perhaps more importantly, how does it stick so well to the road?”

After all, it is hard to believe at first that this new Golf R has just 20 hp more than its predecessor. Do you know why? Because that’s not the whole story!

Yes, we have 20 more horsepower, but the new model can reach this figure sooner and last longer. The Golf R MK7 achieved 300hp near the red line, while the Golf R MK8 reached that mark without any effort.

So we made it to 100 km / h in just over 4 seconds, at a limited speed, in our experience, at 267 km / h. It’s a monster!


We’re talking about a Golf, one of the most popular and widely used cars on the market. In other words, is it a car that goes unnoticed? NOT CORRECT!

A lot of good people came up to me because of this Golf R, which is a bit strange for me as I drive a Golf MK7.5 GTE every day and nobody cares about my car.

In short, there is no denying that this “R” stands out not only because of the traditional blue color in this performance-driven series, but also because of the small details that VW has given that have given the overall feel of the car. Now look:

Daily use and its interior

The Golf R is a versatile car in that it can be used for both everyday use and just for fun, especially when you go to a racetrack and crush all 320 “ponies”.

However, this has to be said, it is a car that does not want to go slowly! When you walk into a city or town at 50 km / h, it is very easy for you to have the feeling that something is wrong and that the car itself pulls you to breathe and goes to where you are really comfortable … On the open road. To be pulled!

It’s a feeling I loved, but it made a dent on me … in my wallet, of course. I have an average of 17 liters at 100. But actually it is a number that I simply cannot criticize, because every driver who wants to buy a Golf R will not care about fuel consumption, but only and only about its appearance and performance.

After all, we’re talking about a car that costs around 64,000 euros in this configuration. 64 thousand euros for a golf! But in terms of performance … it’s worth every penny.

The interior: one of the most interesting parts of the car! But that also has some negative aspects that were introduced with the MK8 version of the Golf.

This is a very interesting part because inside, even though it’s a performance version, we’re talking about a “simple” Golf.

Yes, we have some details with more noticeable blue LED lighting, we also have sports seats (very comfortable) and sports pedals. But it’s a golf! It’s exactly the same interior that you find on every other Golf MK8. Where we find the traditional center console controlled by the increasingly normal touch, where we also have support for wireless Android Auto / Apple CarPlay.

We also have a virtual cockpit in front of us instead of the “old hands” etc. As you can see below.

But this in turn leads to some inherent disadvantages of VW design … Is this the buttons, and indeed the entire control of the infotainment system, is poor.

Why? Because VW preferred to use touch-sensitive buttons instead of real buttons. It’s something extremely irritating and actually dangerous because in order to change the volume or just change the temperature of the air conditioner, I really have to be careful what I am doing. What’s behind the wheel of a 320-horsepower car doesn’t seem like a good idea.

It’s one of the latest fads in the auto market that I sincerely hope will go away as soon as possible. Keys in the car have to be simple and efficient. Because the driver has to look at the road and not complain that he cannot change the volume of the music he is listening to.

Obviously I’m exaggerating, and after some time controlling a Golf you will get the hang of it. But there’s no denying it, while the system was powerful and fast, it was poorly thought out, so I hope VW will change it in the near future. This is my only complaint with the car.

But in terms of space and storage … Again … it’s a Golf! What is good!

This means a lot of space in the trunk, the rear seats can be lowered to add even more space and it also means that the rear seats can accommodate 3 full size adults. It’s a golf!

In short, in the interior, if we forget about the touch buttons, it’s a phenomenal car that follows the line of the series and presents a build quality unique to VW. However, I still think that the MK7.5 version is of superior quality in some finishes.


When Volkswagen launched the Golf R with all-wheel drive and 300 hp output, many enthusiasts thought that the brand had achieved the maximum performance of this series. But not!

VW has been around for many years, and if they know one thing, it is consistent improvements from model to model. VW knows what it is doing in the market and of course this is no joke. This is exactly why the Golf R MK8 is a brutal further development of the previous model.

In short, the Golf R MK8 is an all or almost everything car that manages to be a moderate car (a Golf …) while staying in the driver’s seat with every accelerator pedal. And you don’t even have to be in Sport or Race mode for that. Just step on the pedal and the 320 hp will say hello at the end.

In short, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had behind the wheel of a car.

Publisher’s Note: In our car reviews, we always want to convey the “feeling” of driving, so we try not to ask for technical specifications. However, if you want to access all of the car’s specs, click here.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra relies on “water drop” cameras




Despite all the rumors that point to a delay, it looks like it won’t be long before Samsung announces its new Galaxy S22 range of smartphones! That range, which of course will have the flagship, is the new S22 Ultra.

Well, we are about 3 months away from the official launch, but today we already have access to some renders that show us a lot of what Samsung has developed in its laboratories. Especially in the area of ​​rear-view cameras.

Galaxy S22 Ultra relies on “water drop” cameras

So in the S22 Ultra space, we’ve had some design conflicts, with some experts pointing to one side while others pointing to an entirely different side.

But … it is very likely that this is the way. At least according to Super Roader, a well-known South Korean source in the smartphone world.

In short, Samsung wants water drop cameras on its S22 Ultra. Interestingly, this all seems to pay homage to LG Velvet.

This means we won’t have an “island” of cameras as usual, as Samsung prefers a more similar design to that already used in the Galaxy A range of smartphones.

Obviously, the cameras of the S22 Ultra will stand out more due to the size of the sensor and optics used. After all, smartphones like the A32 do not have lenses designed for zoom, while the S22 Ultra will have two telecameras with 3x and 10x optical zoom.

As already mentioned, the waterdrop design reminds us of the very curious LG Velvet. A smartphone that tried to differentiate itself from anything we could find on the shelves. An excellent idea! With LG pulling out of this market, Samsung can use its disappearance to differentiate itself from other brands.

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Matrix: Morpheus won’t return because he died in a game!




If you’ve reached your expectations of seeing Matrix Ressurections, you’ve probably seen the trailer a couple of times already! Once a year the saga was in theaters without grace. This trailer shows the return of Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity), but leaves out Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus).

This is where you’re probably thinking that the actor turned down the role, or that the project team thought she was too old or out of shape to get back into the saga. But the reason is a lot simpler and actually a lot more silly. Morpheus is dead in the Matrix universe!

Morpheus is not returning to the Matrix because he died in an unknown game

So we have known since 2019 that Morpheus would not be back. But of course there is always a glimmer of hope in the hearts of real fans. And indeed, seeing a Matrix without that character turns out to be an incomplete experience for all the potential that return brings to the table.

But let’s get down to business … What do you mean?

Well, the actor had to answer that question himself and said:

  • “I’m not in the new film. You have to ask Lana Wachowski why! I have no answer to that question. “

This gives the impression that the actor wasn’t even addressed. Do you know why? Morpheus died in an almost unknown game called Matrix Online.

Matrix Online is an MMO spin-off that was released back in 2005. Interestingly, this game had the big goal of continuing to tell the story of this legendary saga.

Well, during the game that takes place after the events of The Matrix Revolutions, Morpheus returns to the Matrix to speak to the Oracle. To be clear, you understand why Neo’s body was not returned from the machines despite the apparent truce between the two parties.

Frustrated by the events, Morpheus tries to virtually restore Neo in order to somehow revive him. A project that fails and results in the character going straight to the machines to recover the body of “The Chosen One”. A request that is again denied.

After all of this, Morpheus turns into some sort of terrorist who detonates “code bombs” all over the Matrix in an attempt to force the machines to comply with his request. However, this only resulted in the appearance of “Assassin,” a machine-created program to eradicate Morpheus from the face of the earth.

In short, the new Matrix is ​​a sequel to the original saga, and since the game is “Cannons” there is no Morpheus for anyone.

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Apple will also be releasing a new MacBook Air … With Notch!




In case you didn’t know, according to several recent leaks, the MacBook Pro 2021, which was to be announced later today, is going to have an entirely new design that requires us to insert a “notch” that is very similar to what we can do can be found in Apple iPhone smartphones.

Well, this “notch” will not only reach the “Pro” models! It will also be included in the new MacBook ‘Air’ 2022.

Apple will also be releasing a new MacBook Air … With Notch!

Shortly after accessing the Internet, it appears to be a disassembled MacBook Pro 2021 with a “notch” integrated into the screen. See, we now have new rumors suggesting that the MacBook Air 2022 has the exact same glitch on the screen. Incidentally, that should be the biggest change in the design of the popular Air, at least at first glance.

If you forget about the “notch”, everything indicates that the MacBook Air will have some small changes that could improve the look of the whole package. Brings it closer to the new Pro model.

However, “Notch” doesn’t offer the same functionality that we find on the iPhone. In other words, forget about Face ID. The module has an FHD camera, a TrueTone sensor and a microphone. Only and only that! There is no face recognition for anyone. Ah … and the size of the “notch” is the old, not the current size of the iPhone 13.

With the manufacturing crisis already reaching Apple’s production lines, the new MacBook Air is not expected to hit the market until late next year, with mass production starting sometime in the third quarter. In other words, if you happen to have a new generation MacBook in 2021 or 2022, you will most likely have to go for the “Pro” … When there is stock.


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