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(Analysis) TicWatch GTH: Inexpensive smartwatch that impresses



The TicWatch GTH is one of the latest product launches from the Chinese Mobvoi, a manufacturer that has, however, gained popularity in the market thanks to the introduction of devices focused on performance and fair prices, as in the case of the TicWatch Pro and more recently the TicWatch 3 Pro and TicWatch E3. They are devices that always aim to compete with the best the market has to offer without forcing consumers to do research on the black market to find out how much a kidney or lung is worth.

Nevertheless, despite careful pricing, Mobvoi Wear OS-based smartwatches are always a few notches above the (for the masses) more attractive “low-cost” smartwatches. Mobvoi has therefore decided to enter this market with the new TicWatch GTH, a watch that is obviously cheaper but still retains much of what made the manufacturer famous.

In case you didn’t know, Mobvoi has been on this path since 2012, which means it is already a company that is in some way consolidated in the market. And that’s why he knows very well what he’s doing. But let’s work in parts.

(Analysis) TicWatch GTH: “Low Cost” Smartwatch that impresses

therefore that Mobvoi recently got the TicWatch GTH, an inexpensive smartwatch that monitors the state of health 24 hours a day, but also helps to record daily training values.

It’s a device that is affordable and therefore a great option for those who are looking for an affordable smartwatch but who don’t compromise too much in one of the most important areas of a smart device, which is feature set.

Before getting into my analysis, however, you can watch the brand’s video which will give you a brief idea of ​​what this boy can do on our wrists.

So after we have already made the first connection between readers, especially those who not only know the product, but also did not know the brand, we are now showing the product itself and of course how it behaves in the real world.

So, after two weeks of use, I share my opinion here, without a filter. Explain the features provided by the brand and how they behave. In short, let’s try to understand what this watch is worth and, of course, whether your purchase is really worth it.

Design and hardware

In summary, the main features of the device are listed below:

  • Screen: LCD screen;
  • Structure: Metal;
  • Resolution: 360 x 320 pixels;
  • Drums: 260mAh;
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1 energy saving;
  • Water resistance: up to 5 ATMs;
  • Bracelet: Silicone;
  • Sensors: Heartbeat, breathing, accelerometer, thermometer, and blood oxygenation.

However, if you take a closer look at the case of the TicWatch GTH, it measures 43.2 x 35.2 x 10.5 mm and its structure is made of metal rather than plastic with a square shape. We have a scratch-resistant rectangular surface on which we find a curved screen of 1.55 by 360 x 320 pixels with a density of 310 PPI.

Interestingly, this is Mobvoi’s first rectangular device!

Given the characteristics of the screen, we can easily say that it is a panel that, although not an OLED screen, does not affect the quality of the colors. The maximum brightness is also not a problem, as it allows you to view the screen content outdoors without any problems, regardless of the daylight.

Unfortunately it is possible to change the screen brightness, but only manually, which, although it is not a “deal breaker”, turns out to be annoying at some times of the day when there is too much lighting, e.g. in the morning or in the evening. This must be corrected in a future product update.

Screen too small?

Still looking at the surface of the device I think that more could have been put into the dimensions of the screen as we have a slightly protruding edge around it. It’s not entirely aesthetic, but it’s undeniable that some improvements would result in a more appealing product in the eyes of the consumer.

However, to make the device easier to use, we have a rotary knob on the right-hand side. When it comes to the battery, we’re dealing with a 260 mAh cell, which, according to the brand, lasts up to 10 days, depending on usage.

In my assignment, I reached it for 8 days, which wasn’t bad. In fact, I sometimes even forgot that it was necessary to wear it. Something strange, as my use is a bit demanding, and I even took it at sea to test its durability, but also sports monitoring. (Here I have to point out that the brand says it is a waterproof device that can be submerged up to 50 meters.)

All in all, back to the battery and how to charge it, this one comes with an auxiliary cable with a magnetic connection. The magnetic force with which the cable touches the device is good, but what is less positive is the fact that it only loads when the cable is connected in a certain position. But there it is, you can’t ask for heaven and earth for this price range.

In short, in terms of design and hardware, this is a product that promises to gain a foothold in the market as it has good build quality, remarkably good sensor technology, and an appealing design.

Software and functions

In terms of software and functionality, this device falls into two main groups, namely exercise monitoring and monitoring metrics related to your health.

In addition, it naturally enables a certain interaction with your smartphone through notifications (SMS, calls, e-mails, etc.) as well as the always desired music control.

It should be noted that the software does not have a Portuguese version and therefore for those who do not understand English, the language in Spanish is the next option.


Anyone who uses this smartwatch will undoubtedly feel immediately that the brand’s investment field is actually the aspect of health monitoring. After all, this device has several sensors and numerous applications for recording a wide variety of parameters in order to help the user understand what is really happening to his body, be it in everyday life or during training more intensively than usual.

Since I have been using this device in my daily life, for example, I have started to pay more attention to the recorded values ​​in order to understand whether something is conspicuous. Interestingly enough, against this background we even seem to be more athletic, i.e. healthier, in order to be able to see the development such as the amount of information registered via the app. After all, we even have some warnings.

In short, we felt, in a sense, that we were being fed by a device. After all, for every parameter read that exceeds the value considered normal, Ticwatch indicates that it should be aware and try to understand what led to this measurement outside the value range classified as “good”.

As you can imagine, the device’s sensors are continuously sensing several important things, such as skin temperature, with the mark indicating that the sensor has an accuracy of ± 0.1 ° C. In addition, we have blood oxygen content (SpO2) which is measured using photoplethysmography (PPG) technology.

Finally, we have the traditional heart rate measurement, which the sensor can measure continuously throughout the day. This is also used to measure sleep quality as you can see in the picture below.

Other health-related characteristics are the respiratory rate. This in turn consists of the number of breaths (inhale and exhale) per minute.

It is even possible to check the stress level! To like? The function checks the user’s heart rate and informs you immediately whether the values ​​are good or something is wrong. However, if your day gets a bit busier, you can always use the watch’s relaxation function. That is, relax through breathing exercises.


Are you familiar with the functions of the TicWatch GTH In terms of health monitoring, we want to find out what it offers so that our physical movement can be recorded in detail.

Well the TicWatch GTH comes standard with a list of 14 different training modes. As you can see below:

But it doesn’t stop there because since this device’s sensors can be read continuously, the device has one intelligent system for detecting physical activity. This system consists of a notification to the user that he is exercising and whether he wants to start recording the activity in question. For example, since I run a lot, the latter notices that I am running. Notify me when I want to register for an outdoor walking activity.

This is an interesting aspect for those who want good control of their physical activity but are very distracted.

Despite the “budget” price, we have a targeting system that serves to motivate the user to be more active. That is, notifications that consist of iterative messages about goals achieved, as if it were a prize.

Additional functions for the smartphone

This watch must not ignore calls. In other words, the only option is to turn it off, which is often not what you want.

In terms of notifications, these are simple as they don’t allow emojis or other types of multimedia elements. We can receive message notifications like app notifications that we have on our smartphone. Unfortunately, if there are several messages, the content is not displayed, but the number of messages to be read.

Final conclusion of the TicWatch GTH experience

From my point of view, a very attractive device for the price.

Its design is modern and the quality of the sensors is really very interesting for anyone who attaches great importance to surveillance. However, in the increasingly important smart component, it’s a watch that lags far behind other offerings on the market that aren’t much more expensive.

Interestingly, I’m happy at the software level.

The applications are well designed and easy to use. The “problem” of not having a brightness sensor for automatic adjustment is a shame. It is sometimes annoying to have to manually raise or lower the lights.

Ignoring calls is also an interesting point in future versions that can be added via a software update. After all, we don’t always want to hang up, we can just ignore it and pretend we’re too busy … Eheh. Regarding the messages from the various applications, there is a lack of the ability to reply or display emojis.

Despite all the shortcomings, I consider them a good alternative to other identical watches in the same range.

It has a modern design that convinced me despite a theoretically better watch. In addition, in view of the current pandemic situation, nothing beats more care! TicWatch GTH is an excellent aid, especially for the sensor for monitoring skin temperature.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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In short, the new Matrix is ​​a sequel to the original saga, and since the game is “Cannons” there is no Morpheus for anyone.

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Well, this “notch” will not only reach the “Pro” models! It will also be included in the new MacBook ‘Air’ 2022.

Apple will also be releasing a new MacBook Air … With Notch!

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If you forget about the “notch”, everything indicates that the MacBook Air will have some small changes that could improve the look of the whole package. Brings it closer to the new Pro model.

However, “Notch” doesn’t offer the same functionality that we find on the iPhone. In other words, forget about Face ID. The module has an FHD camera, a TrueTone sensor and a microphone. Only and only that! There is no face recognition for anyone. Ah … and the size of the “notch” is the old, not the current size of the iPhone 13.

With the manufacturing crisis already reaching Apple’s production lines, the new MacBook Air is not expected to hit the market until late next year, with mass production starting sometime in the third quarter. In other words, if you happen to have a new generation MacBook in 2021 or 2022, you will most likely have to go for the “Pro” … When there is stock.


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