(Analysis) Kobo Sage: Proof that it is possible to replace a book

If you’re a literature lover and don’t have space for another single book on your bedroom shelf or desk, you’ve probably already considered buying a tablet to keep everything else tidy, or better yet, started looking at the increasingly popular ones and more complete E-reader.

At least the E-reader is a device that promises to replace the reading experience of a “real book”, but also offers another kind of very interesting features that can even take the entire reading experience to another level.

Replace a book? Is it even possible?

Kobo sage

Obviously, despite the title I chose for this review, the truth is that for a serious enthusiast, nothing can replace the “feel” of the page turning or the pristine smell of a new book. But in an age as technological as this, I can assure you that if you at least not try to take the plunge, you are missing out on a lot!

With all of that said, today we shall meet the Kobo sage, the brand’s new e-reader that focuses on these types of devices, honestly made a big and ugly impression on us during the test period.

(Analysis) Kobo Sage: Proof that it is possible to replace a book

Kobo sage

A little review

An e-reader is therefore much more than a simple replacement for a reading platform or a device that is used exclusively to store digital books (eBooks).

A great example of that is this new one Kobo sagewhich allows you to take notes with the help of a pen (stylus), take notes of all kinds (including drawings) and even comment on what is going on on each page of a book or other types of multimedia content.

In my most honest opinion, in addition to its original mission, this e-reader is also an excellent companion for study and research! With a connection to Dropbox and the Pocket online platform, on which you can store not only books, but also notes from the faculty, research articles, news articles or of course the very useful (but almost always hated) greasy ones.

But let’s work in parts.

Tablet vs e-reader -> Does the e-reader E-INK still have a future in a market increasingly characterized by tablets such as the iPad or the Galaxy Tab S with their miniLED and OLED technologies?

Kobo sage

Yes absolutely! Personally, I haven’t had a lot of experience with e-readers, but now that I have Kobo Sage I understand perfectly why this sub-market exists in the mobile world that is so focused on e-ink or e-paper. In the end, the experience is completely different from what I expected!

This type of technology goes a long way in helping us immerse ourselves in the story we read while also saving our much-needed eyes.

By the way, if you only want a device for reading, in my opinion it doesn’t really make sense at the moment to compare an e-reader to a tablet. After all, the e-reader wins in almost every category. Let’s see why

Screen, performance and features

First of all, we have to point out that the Kobo Sage e-Ink screen has its own lighting with temperature adjustment so as not to tire the user’s eyes at night. This is undoubtedly the most important area of ​​this device.

Later we have to talk about one of the great advantages of e-readers … Its adaptability and practicality!

Kobo sage

After all, with its 8-inch screen, the Sage is a very appealing size for anyone who doesn’t want a 10-inch hem or a 7-inch dwarf. This also means that you have a normal “sheet of paper” with the amount of normal text you would find in any book … well … ‘normal’.

It is also a size that easily holds the device and for that reason makes it practical because you can slip it into your work or travel bag later with no regrets.

In terms of image quality, luckily, it’s a device that already uses the new E Ink Carta 1200 screen type! That, in addition to the speed of reaction, it also has the advantage mentioned above of having its own light, as well as the ability to adjust the temperature of the same light to the environment in which it is located.

These are features that allow you to read without worrying about anything, day or night, there is ambient light … or not! In short, you can read in every imaginable and possible situation! “Extras” that you will not find in every e-reader on the market.

Kobo sage

So how about the performance?

In terms of processing, however, we have a quad-core processor with 1.8 GHz, which is supported by 512 MB of RAM memory.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like anything special, but here we have to take into account that it is an e-reader, not a smartphone or tablet. In other words, you don’t have to be extremely powerful to carry out your mission.

That is why in this world there are guidelines that are respected and that are perceived in everyday life. So Kobo Sage is almost always extremely fast, whatever the task it advances. (Except for the occasional hiccup!).

However, when it comes to comfort, in addition to the lightness of the device, Kobo has made the decision to implement the increased leeway that we could already find in the Libra model. At this edge we also find the traditional navigation buttons, which, among other things, have the great task of switching pages without forcing the fateful touch of the screen.

Fortunately, since we are already 2021, the saga will bring USB-C connectivity instead of the old and really annoying micro-USB connectivity.

We also support the use of stylus!

Kobo sage

We can take notes, write texts and, thanks to the quality of the pen and screen, even draw in great detail. In fact, you can even write a range of texts and then turn all of your writing into an editable text document.

So you can bookmark, draw on the pages of the book, take notes, make comments, etc. It’s quite an experience that I would probably never have in a “normal book”. Because, of course, he would most likely have a guilty conscience scratching the pages of his book. (Something that would also affect your resale price!)

Unfortunately, the stylus does not come in the device packaging. It is a “bonus” of € 39.90.

Kobo sage


In short, if you’ve been curious about this type of device, it’s hard not to recommend the Kobo Sage. At least the € 289 We have a very interesting device that will most likely change your life as a regular reader. (Also because, if you want, you can ‘get’ all kinds of books from the Internet, put them in Dropbox and read them ‘in peace’ … But hey, you didn’t find out from me!)

Kobo sage

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Are you looking for an e-reader? Please let us know your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

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