(Analysis) Football Manager 2022: More of it !?

Having been a fan and regular player of this saga for over a decade, I confess that initially I had some difficulty finding motivation to play this new version of the super popular Football Manager simulator.

In the end, as soon as I’ve just installed Football Manager 2022 … I immediately notice that practically everything stays the same in terms of menus and interfaces! In other words, nothing new in the visual part. What is clear immediately raises a question … Does that happen in everything else too?

(Analysis) Football Manager 2022: More of it !?

Football manager 2022

The start screens, the menus and the user interface themselves are therefore always conspicuous, so the first impression is by no means the best, as the original colors chosen are unfortunately not the most appealing. (but it also has to be a matter of taste, and for that I apologize for not being a big fan of pink). But since everything is not bad in this regard, we have to highlight the possibility of changing the color scheme with regard to player attributes, positions, etc. But unfortunately never that horrible pink in the menu bars.

However, after searching everywhere and looking for differences for a couple of hours, I decided to move on and I was able to see something that never seems to change, injuries, yes … After the first click to move forward, a player’s first injury.

Well, to be honest, I was always one of the lucky ones when it came to injuries and in this “new” FM it was no different, I just had to click forward and blow … 1st Injury! However, it appears that this system has lost some of its RNG component, probably due to player criticism, in the most unexpected and silliest.

Let’s move on to another topic, perhaps one of the most exciting of all FM … transfers!

In the end, when viewing the player profile, in the area of ​​the transfer value you can now find 2 intervals which are of course the values ​​in which the team can negotiate to free it.

Even so, as usual, and to be honest, this is most likely how this works in real life. Talking to player agents before submitting a proposal will always be the best solution in this game! Because we will soon be sure if the player is interested in joining our team and of course the next amount that we have to put on the table for the club to give up the player’s hand.

The observation reports from the scouts in our mailbox have also remained almost the same. With the exception of one small change that annoys me deeply. Eventually we no longer have the option to see the attributes without opening the player profile, which is getting boring and obviously less practical.

Way of playing! What has changed? Little … and for the worst

Football manager 2022

In terms of the game itself, the so-called “New Game Engine” is disappointing. To me, having been following the saga for several years, it actually seems like a step backwards. I have some expectations of future updates, but one thing life taught me when something goes wrong, too late, or never again.

But if we analyze the news ourselves, for me this “match engine” is nothing more than a rip-off of the old FIFA 2010, in which all the players look like the hunchback of Notre Dam at the same time, all ducks arguing about the laws of physics defy. The way the ball rolls is weird, the way it touches the players’ feet is even weirder, and to top it off, the players don’t run, they seem to slide across the lawn like Michael Jackson on the Stage.

And the VAR?

Something that struck me is that the decisions to appeal to the VAR, in my opinion (so far) all the steps leading to the decision, are always validated, which makes the VAR a bit of a fun game. A feature that has never been implemented well as it has always been validated now and always overridden in the past. It would be nice to have something really dynamic here to make the game more emotional for those behind the screen.

Play nice! (If you can … chances are you can.)

Football manager 2022

I didn’t have much of a problem getting the team to play well and get good results by curiously exploiting tactics from previous years. Which I think is amazing since I scored 4 goals against Benfica in the pre-season (I did it at Sporting) and still I had several complaints from the players and the technical team. This team, which was quite weak, was able to get good results almost immediately.

However, if you like to delve deeper into the tactics, you will be a bit disappointed due to the new game engine, which in my opinion is still very poor. After all, there always seems to be an active “guideline” that always lets the team play the same way. In other words, often there is no response to the changes we make.

By the way, this game engine has already given me some unnecessary heart attacks! Often times the opposing team will send a beak forward and our center team will run towards the ball, but for some reason … out of nowhere … gives up! Off to the GR … With the opposing striker in full sprint. I have certainly lost a few years of my life with these game engine pranks.

press conference

Now press conferences are much shorter, even before big games, in my opinion, with questions that don’t even make sense or logic to the game in question, which is getting frustrating, at least for me. The button “Send deputy” has never looked more appetizing than it does now.

Speaking of “boring” things, we also have meetings with the technical team. Which gets boring over time. It is easier to refuse the meeting and just put the report in the mailbox, as we are used to from previous years.


In short, although the differences that exist are minor, and some for the worse. The truth is that FM is still the best simulation game for a soccer team coach experience. It’s still very complete when it comes to the player and staff database. But in my opinion the asking price is an abuse of what we find in the game itself. There is a lot of room for improvement, but there is no denying that evolution has gone sideways instead of going up. Interestingly what happens sometimes to the balls I kick with my friends.

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