AMD with 256 cores and 512 threads? It’s in the plans!

In the last few weeks only Intel has been mentioned, but whoever thinks AMD feels leaning against the wall with the “return” of its old rival, can get the horse out of the rain. Processor giant Ryzen has worked hard on its Zen architecture, and it looks like we’re just going to have impressive EPYC processors at Zen 5.

We’re talking about 600 W beasts with 256 processor cores and, of course, 512 threads.

AMD with 256 cores and 512 threads? It’s in the plans!

AMD with

So a well-known leaker in the AMD world, especially in this type of more specialized product, has just announced that the processor giant is ready to break the electricity bills of very good people with an EPYC “Turin” processor running in is able to achieve a cTDP of 500W. In other words, double what the “Milan” EPYC chips can use.

Interestingly, this increase in consumption corresponds to the current trend in the computer world. After several years behind energy efficiency, he now prefers pure and hard performance, which of course means higher consumption and hotter products! Recent cases include the RTX 3090 which can reach and even surpass 400W and of course the most recent 12900K which can also reach 241W on its own.

In terms of products, however, we will have two configurations:

Drastic increase in core number for the consumer market? Probably yes!

You’re probably thinking, “This is only for the business world or specialized computers, so what about the ordinary Ryzen?” Well, the base architecture is always the same, so it is very likely that AMD will again rely on a very significant increase in cores in the near future. But … for now … to be honest, there is still no need to increase the number of cores! With the vast majority of programs continuing to prefer faster cores instead of more cores.

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