AMD wants to keep its partners away from the technology of rival Intel

In case you didn’t know, the blue microprocessor giant dominates the market for wireless connectivity adapters (WiFi, WiFi6, WiFi6E and Bluetooth) alongside its famous Intel Core processors. Of course we have to include platforms from the AMD Ryzen world! After all, the manufacturer’s partners in this world continue to use chips and Bluetooth modules from competitor Azul in mainboards for desktop PCs or portable PCs.

This is a perk that Intel is trying to take full advantage of to bulk up its vPro management suite. Advantage why? Well, there was nothing like it in the AMD Pro world. But as you can imagine, AMD’s decision to use Intel solutions always leads to a certain amount of damage to its image.

Well, AMD wants to curb this trend with a new partnership with the growing MediaTek. Make room for AMD + MediaTek chips.

AMD wants to keep its partners away from the technology of rival Intel

Intel rival

As part of this partnership with MediaTek, AMD today announced its first WiFi controller 6E (6GHz) with the name AMD RZ660, which, in addition to the latest WiFi connectivity, also brings Bluetooth 5.2.

All software and support as well as distribution are developed and maintained by AMD. As far as the availability of this new chip is concerned, MediaTek points to the year 2022, with several “PRO” versions of the RZ660, which are to be implemented in a wide variety of devices, regardless of whether they are mobile or rather ‘in-house’.

In the area of ​​cable connectivity, namely in the Internet via Ethernet, AMD does not seem to want to prick the nose, with Intel having a very intense rivalry with Realtek.

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