AMD vs Intel: Both have an event planned for January 4th!

In the year 2022 we have the traditional technology fair CES, in January, at which of course the big companies in the computer world reveal a lot of good things! Here we have to highlight something about Intel and AMD who seem to be doing a lot of good things in the computer market. (NVIDIA should come up with 4 new graphics cards too! But in this article we will focus on Intel and AMD.)

AMD vs Intel: Both have an event planned for January 4th!

AMD and Intel

Hence, Intel is expected to launch the remaining Core 12000 line of processors, with we having to highlight the following i5-12400F, the future king of the middle class and of the entire middle class motherboard. This will obviously open the door to the Core 12000 world for other wallets, and luckily it does.

In addition, the processor giant is also expected to launch a first line of graphics cards worthy of the name, with 3 or 4 different models, in order to have an alternative for all tastes and of course all wallets.

In response, AMD is expected to use the event to present its new Ryzen 6000. A counterattack on the current Intel Core 12000 (Alder Lake-S), which is now called Zen 3+ despite the same 7 nm Zen 3 architecture, should bring some improvements, especially in the area of ​​cache memory.

In the end, these processors become the new ones Vertical 3D cachewhich in turn adds a lot of super fast L3 storage. Increase the performance of all technology-based processors by 10 ~ 15%.

Based on the same architecture, the new Ryzen 6000 will obviously be compatible with all AM4 motherboards that can support a Ryzen 5000. As also obvious, we will not support DDR5 memory or the new PCIe standard 5.0.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? High expectations for January? Will the production crisis continue to restrict the “tech” market? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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