AMD Ryzen CPUs are used for mining … Successful!

After the graphics card craze and a brief craze in the world of SSDs that were sold out in different regions of the world, the miners now seem to be targeting the latest processors on the market, namely the Ryzen 3000, 5000 and Intel Core 12000. Why? Apparently, this is all thanks to the large amount of L3 cache memory that these “guys” have.

But let’s work in parts.

AMD Ryzen mining

AMD Ryzen CPUs are used in mining … Successful!

AMD Ryzen mining

Hence we have a new mining algorithm called Raptoreum, in the computing world that is apparently able to take advantage of the large L3 cache pool that is present in some of the most modern processors, namely the Ryzen 5000 based on the Zen 3 architecture.

We speak of a new “madness” because there are already “mines” with hundreds of AMD Ryzen processors working on the algorithm. And in fact, it’s not just the Ryzen 5000, because the previous generation (Ryzen 3000) also has some models with 64 MB L3 cache, as is the case with the Ryzen 3900 and 3900X. Processors of the Threadripper and EPYC series are now also in great demand, as they have an even better equipped L3 memory cache with a maximum of 256 MB.

In terms of money earned, the Ryzen 9 3900 is capable of delivering 4600 H / s while the Ryzen 9 5950X increases that number to 6800 H / s. Interestingly, the Intel Core 12900K also came out with a 32MB L3 cache, which in turn means 3700 H / s.

To get a feel for monetary gain, a rig with six Ryzen 9 3900X processors and two Ryzen 9 3950X processors makes $ 31 per day.

Excluding electricity bills, we’re talking about $ 4 ~ $ 5 per day for a single Ryzen 9 5950X. With the Ryzen 9 5900X, which is guaranteed around $ 3.

Does this algorithm have a future? Apparently yes!

It’s just that AMD is bringing the Zen 3+ architecture to market with the new V-Cache. Which in the end is a large amount of L3 cache on the CPU die. In addition, the entire new generation of Threadripper and Epyc processors will also aggressively rely on increasing the cache memory. We’re talking about the cache reaching 768MB.

Do we have a new nightmare here on the way into the computer world?

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