AMD Radeon Super Resolution is coming in 2022. DLSS is already wobbling

The upscaling war between AMD and NVIDIA continues! After all, following the recent success of the giant NVIDIA’s DLSS (Deep-Learning Super Sampling), we had to rely hard and ugly on its FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution). But it seems the ‘thing’ won’t stop here!

After all, AMD has a new upscaling technology ready for prime time, and it looks like they’ll be betting on it as early as January. Make way for the RSR (Radeon Super Resolution)!

AMD Radeon Super Resolution is already coming in 2022. DLSS even wobbles

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So in order to gain more market share and of course prepare for a significant improvement in the volume of products available on the shelves, thanks to the 6nm update that is now on the way … AMD is ready to launch a new technology as early as January 2022.

Slightly different from DLSS or FSR, which are technologies that need to be tweaked for each and every game they support. It is a “general” alternative. In other words, it will work in all games once it hits the market!

However, unlike the FSR, which works on any graphics card, AMD’s new technology becomes unique to the latest Radeon architectures, namely RDNA and RDNA 2.

Interested? We’ll find out more at CES 2022 next week.

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