AMD faster than Apple !? 3nm first? It’s an all-in

Lately we’ve had the race at 7nm, then the race at 5nm and right now we’re witnessing the race at 3nm. But it seems, contrary to industry expectations, AMD will hit the longed-for 3nm first and with it Apple beat. To like? It’s very easy! Will say goodbye to TSMC for putting everything on the lines of Samsung. Is it a good idea?

AMD faster than Apple !? 3nm first?

3nm first

As Apple reserved most of TSMC’s 3nm production capacity, AMD had to find a quick and effective solution. In the end, at a time when even Intel itself already has agreements with TSMC and apparently has already resolved the vast majority of its production problems, there was no way AMD could watch the situation unfold.

Therefore, according to new information, it has concluded an agreement with Samsung on the almost exclusive use of 3 nm cables. A very curious decision when you consider that TSMC was AMD’s secret weapon for many experts and market analysts.

Additionally, it’s a decision very similar to NVIDIA’s decision with the RTX 30 graphics cards. To be honest, it turned out to be a failure due to the many problems Samsung presented and continues to present in its 8nm ranks. Are 3nm Different? We have to wait and see.

Interestingly, AMD is not alone! Qualcomm will also bypass Samsung’s 3nm lines

Even so, Samsung will be using GAAFET technology for its 3nm node and is expected to start mass production as early as 2022. It is not yet certain whether there will be products with Samsung’s 3 nm semiconductors on the market by 2022. if there are no delays, it is very likely that the next iPhone (14) will already be delivered with a SoC based on the 3nm process.

It’s all open! Let’s see who comes onto the market first with 3nm. (Successfully!)

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