AMD continues to rely on backward compatibility with the new generation of Leak

Just as AMD’s AM4 motherboards have lasted for several years and support several generations of Ryzen processors, everything indicates that Intel’s great rival is now ready to repeat the feat that, oddly enough, also contradicts the old rival’s philosophy of doing this with the new AM5 platform.

Who says there is none other than AMD’s CEO Dr. Lisa Su is, who even pointed out the longed-for backward compatibility in one question, promptly replied, yes, that the company values ​​the performance and resilience of its AM4 motherboards, and as so, wants to repeat the game with the new AM5.

Of course, after a few years it didn’t evolve because … Honestly … you don’t have to have a clue.

AMD wants to continue to rely on downward compatibility with the new generation

AMD backward compatibility

In case you don’t remember already, AM4 motherboards hit the market in March 2017, hand in hand with the first AMD Ryzen processors. Although many of the models at the time no longer support the latest processors, the truth is that it is a platform that has always relied heavily and ugly on backward compatibility, and which is precisely why it has remained on the market for almost 5 years.

In fact, AMD will launch a new line of processors for the same socket in the form of the new Ryzen 5000X3D, which is based on the Zen 3+ architecture.

How long does the AM5 platform last?

  • “We were very satisfied with the development of the AM4 platform. We said we would keep the socket for a long time to come, and we kept that promise. It’s been great for us and for the community. Therefore, with the arrival of the new platform with new technology, we would like to repeat the feat. The strategy will be very similar. In fact, we expect the AM4 socket to be on the market for a while. We will promote a transition with feet and head. “

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