AMD already has a ready-made answer to Intel’s latest endeavor!

AMD has been very quiet while Intel has launched a new line of processors and is preparing to launch its first line of graphics cards that truly deserve the name. But sometimes … silence is the secret of success!

AMD already has a ready-made answer to Intel’s latest endeavor!

by Intel-

In order to take advantage of the CES 2022, AMD has already pushed the Zen 3+ architecture within a week, which will apparently bring a new generation of Ryzen processors to life. But he also spoke of the new EPYC series, in which the “Genoa” processor comes up with 96 cores, and what is even more impressive is that the “Bergamo” processor with 128 processor cores and of course 256 threads is coming onto the shelves.

In the consumer sector, i.e. in the future Ryzen 6000/7000 processors based on the Zen 4 architecture, everything indicates that AMD can significantly increase the number of cores in its CPUs. After all, thanks to some architectural changes and even the way chiplets are made, AMD is now able to implement more CCDs, and who knows, more cores in each CCD.

In practice this means that with all these changes and a lot of help from the 5nm process of TSMC, AMD could bring processors with a maximum of 16 cores per CCD to the market.

Can you imagine a Ryzen 7900 or 7950 with 32 cores or more?

With this increase in cores, however, we also have a slight change in strategy. After all, inside the processor, not all Zen 4 cores will be created equal. We’re going to have something very similar to what Intel is now doing with the Core 12000, implementing performance-oriented cores side by side with more energy-efficient cores.

It won’t be 100% the same as the big difference should be in the energy potential of each core, and not in its design itself. So it’s a reaction to what Intel is doing, entangled in another equally interesting path.

In short, it seems that both Intel and AMD are now in a war of the cores! Each in his own way.

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