(AMD: + 65% / Intel: -1%) Big difference in annual growth!

Unaware of AMD’s growth lately? Especially when we put it side by side with its big rival, Intel? Well, nothing better than checking out the latest market study from IC Insights, which points to AMD growth of 65% this year compared to last year.

Interestingly, rival Intel will be 1% lower than last year. It’s amazing how things change, isn’t it?

(AMD: + 65% / Intel: -1%) Big difference in annual growth!

annual growth

In this new report from the latest IC Insights market study, we have the 25 largest semiconductor companies in the world, a table that takes into account their sales volume and annual growth. (But here we have to take into account, of course, that some of these companies manufacture their products themselves and sell them abroad, while others only market them).

All in all, AMD tops the table despite being “fabless,” which means it makes the vast majority of its products for outside companies like TSMC. Next up is MediaTek with 60% growth, NVIDIA with 54% and Qualcomm with 51%. In short, it was a brutal year selling semiconductors!

Of the 25 companies listed, apparently only Intel and Sony have fallen due to problems caused by the current crisis in semiconductor production. Interestingly, Apple also seems to have suffered a bit from the production crisis and only ranks twentieth in the table with an estimated growth of 17%.

Careful, these are just estimates, but with just a month (and a little) until the end of 2021, it probably won’t move much.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


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