Amazon is negotiating the rights to a Mass Effect series

We have rumors of a possible film from. heard Mass effect, but what is finally coming true could be a series for the streaming service Amazon Prime.

Publication Deadline reports that Jeff Bezos ‘company is “very close to reaching an agreement to produce a series based on Electronic Arts’ successful science fiction game franchise.”

The rights to produce a film by Mass effect were in the hands of Legendary Pictures. The project was officially discontinued just a few months ago. This allowed EA to regain the intellectual property rights to renegotiate with another company.

Amazon is negotiating the rights to turn Mass Effect into a series

The story of Shepard and the crew of the Normandy ship battling the fearsome Reaper who threaten all organic life in the galaxy spanned three games. Many considered it a mistake to try to tell about it in a film or even a trilogy. The serial format is much better suited for this.

That doesn’t mean the series will be a direct adaptation of the games. You may want to tell a whole new story in the same universe.

This news comes just like the last season of The wide. It’s understandable that Amazon Prime is looking for another big name in the science fiction world to replace it, and Mass effect is perfect for that.

If you still don’t know the original trilogy from Mass effect, we recommend playing the compilation Legendary edition. You can find our review here.

Source: Deadline

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