Alyssa Farah says Trump admitted losing the 2020 election before advisors convinced him otherwise

By Katelyn Caralle, US political reporter for

Former Donald Trump communications director Alyssa Farah said the ex-president had previously admitted losing the 2020 presidential election and said it was “scary” that his aides and allies could change his mind.

Farah told CNN in a Saturday interview “Honestly, I’m not sure” whether Trump now believes he rightly lost the election to Joe Biden.

“I know he wants to protect his ego at all costs,” said CNN presenter Pamela Brown to Farah. “But Trump needs to know he lost because I remember reporting when I spoke to people in the White House and said, ‘Yeah, he knows he lost, he just gets to it.”

“He knew,” Farah admitted. “He told me shortly after that he knew he had lost.”

She added, “But then people bypassed him, they have information in front of them and I think his mind may have really changed and that’s scary because he lost.”

“And the facts are out there and they’ve lost every lawsuit, they’ve had to prove every type of fraud countless times and couldn’t. So it’s rather scary that he should believe it. ‘

Farah served as the White House director of strategic communications for eight months under Trump and previously held several other administrative roles, including two years as press secretary for then Vice President Mike Pence and seven months as press secretary for the Pentagon before returning to the White House.

Former White House director of strategic communications, Alyssa Farah, said it was “scary” that her ex-boss Donald Trump doesn’t know he lost the election

She left Trump’s communications team just a month before his resignation and after the president – along with his then attorney Rudy Giuliani – initiated several legal proceedings over the result of the presidential election.

A month after Farah stepped down, Trump held his infamous rally outside the White House on January 6, the day Congress confirmed the election for Biden and a crowd of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to stop them .

Farah was quick to hire her old boss after the attack.

The day before the Capitol Riot, Farah publicly condemned Trump supporters for molesting Senator Mitt Romney and condemned the attack immediately after it happened.

On January 8, 2021, she accused Trump of instigating the uprising and suggested that he resign as the House of Representatives wanted to indict the outgoing president for the second time in office.

Trump has not given up his allegations of election fraud and has insisted at every rally since leaving that the Democrats cheated by using widespread postal voting regulations to rig the election for Biden.

The former president has tried to convict the House of Representatives of the House of Inquiry into the Sept.

Farah served in the Trump administration from 2017 to 2020 – just a month before the U.S. Capitol attack on Jan.

On Sunday morning, Trump sent out a statement asking why Congress isn’t investigating Black Lives Matter rioters and electoral fraud instead of focusing on the investigation into the January 6 attack.

“Why don’t you find out the people and states who cheated in the elections that caused the January 6th protest?” The ex-president sent a statement from his political action committee, Save America. “Why don’t they investigate the people who ruthlessly and forcibly burned down and conquered Democratic-run cities, beating and murdering people in the process?”

He continued: “Instead, they are viciously investigating those who protested against the November 3rd presidential election, the crime of the century. No polling fraud investigations, but if anyone waved an American flag near the Capitol, they’d just be in trouble.

“American patriots will not allow this undermining of the judiciary to continue, including the use of local, state, and federal prosecutors to torture and exterminate innocent people. All of this while our country is going to Hell! ‘

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