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Sandra Ntonya is a high profile prostitute whose name came up in the recent arrest of a rugby player for being her regular customer involved in sexual harassment.

Sandra NTonya three arrested

Ntonya was arrested after her client, a 29-year-old rugby player, sexually molested a girl. He was accused of raping a teenager.

She describes herself as a prostitute and claims that the player is one of her clients who invited the alleged victim to her home for a threesome.

According to the source, the rugby player met the girl at a club believed to be an 18-year-old teenager who was bought for a threesome where she was celebrating her birthday. He then informed her that he would bring her over for a possible threesome.

Sandra Ntonya, on the other hand, was very exhausted from her work that evening and feeling sleepy, so she turned down the non-identical rugby player for a threesome and advised him to use another room for her activity, after which she went to sleep.

She continued, waking up that morning to find the young girl in a vulnerable state, half-naked, unhappy and crying, making her aware of the seriousness of the situation.

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She also stated that she was familiar with her client and described him as arrogant and aggressive.

But afterwards she became concerned and decided to inform the authorities about the issue and the rugby player was dragged away in handcuffs by police officers along with Ms Ntonya but they were granted bail and the investigation is still ongoing.

Sandra Ntonya Age, Family and Early Life.

Sandra Ntonya is a 40 year old high class prostitute. She lives in Manchester with her son Alfred.

Originally from Malawi and raised there, Sandra Ntonya is the third child in a family of six.

Sandra also kept nothing to herself as she lived a life riddled with controversy, abuse, and rubbing elbows with the rich and wealthy. Instead, she revealed everything as much as possible.

sandra ntonya early life

After emigrating to England with her husband and son, whose severe disabilities ended the marriage, she was left to fend for herself and her son.

After that, she faced the toughest challenges of her life as she had to take care of both herself and her son. Because of this, she chose a scary path that led her into the world of skin, where she later became a prostitute.

What were Sandra Ntonya School and College Majors?

We currently do not know anything about her education as nothing is known about her personal life yet.

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But we’ll update this once we know more about him.

Sandra Ntonya Net Worth, How Much Does She Earn?

We don’t know anything about her net worth at the moment, but she alleges that she is a prostitute $160 pounds for their hourly services.

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We’ll update this once we know more about his income.

In what relationship is Sandra Ntonya currently living?

She was a married woman in the past but is currently divorced.

Does Sandra Ntonya have a social media presence?

She was available Twitter With 2.4k followers and she has 51.7k trailer on Instagram.

Sandra Ntonya’s appearance height, weight

height N / A
Weight N / A
hair Brown
Eye color black
Body type Fit
Sexual Orientation Just

Interesting facts about Sandra Ntonyas should be known

nationality African
Ethnicity black
star sign Scorpio
net worth N / A
Single / In a relationship Divorced
Current spouse N / A
children 1

social media



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