Aliens are coming in the Space Invaders event

Its not long ago our fateful meeting with Mothman and now comes an even more terrifying encounter, a close one of the third kind. We are talking about the alien-filled event Invaders from Space, soon to be enjoyed by all players Fallout 76 next to “Test your metal”.

In fact, PTS regulars can already attend the event before it officially arrives.

What is the Invaders from Space event? Fallout 76?

Every hour on the hour, a mothership will appear over a large area of ​​the map to place three brainwave absorbing devices.

The goal, of course, is to destroy all three devices before the time limit expires. The problem is that they are protected by a force field. In order to eliminate them, we must destroy the alien forces and attract their leader who controls the force field.

Fallout 76: Aliens are coming in the Space Invaders event

During the event, we can find alien invaders at public events and random encounters.

What are the rewards of the Space Invaders event? Fallout 76?

Destroying all three alien devices in time will earn you loot, XP, and hopefully blueprints to forge alien weapons Fallout 76 and special objects for the CAMP

The type of rewards may change when the event officially goes into play.

New Event: Test Your Metal

This new public event will come Fallout 76 Time after Space Invaders, but it’s already available on the PTS. It appears in the Metal Dome, north of Fort Atlas, and we need to talk to the initiate Pappas.

Join three members of the Brotherhood of Steel to fight as gladiators against the machines of the Rust Eagles. Surviving three rounds will earn you loot, XP, and rare rewards like new armor blueprints. The more gladiators survive, the more we will be rewarded.

What is the date of the Invaders from Space event in Fallout 76?

There is no official date for the event yet. But as we have already said, it is available on the Public Test Server (PTS).

Source: official website of the game

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