Activists’ traffic report is not accepted as evidence in the camp battle by ‘Amazon’

Highways Chiefs have refused to accept an expert report that the traffic volume was underestimated from truck movements on a huge warehouse project.

It’s the final blow to the folks battling plans for an Amazon distribution center near Junction 26 of the M62 near Cleckheaton.

The report, funded and commissioned by the Save Our Spen Action Group, was sent to National Highways, the state-owned company responsible for the maintenance of motorways and A-roads in England.

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However, one official said, “National Highways does not intend to verify this as part of our proof of carriage; We take this from the transport assessment documents that the council provides us with on behalf of the applicant. “

This led to a formal complaint from members of Save Our Spen, who said they were “stunned” by the response.

Plans for the facility, which covers 59 acres of farmland in Scholes between Whitehall Road, Whitechapel Road and the Autobahn, have been controversial since it was unveiled in June.

The “monolithic” building is described by critics as being equivalent to an eight-story skyscraper and the length of three full-size football fields lying next to each other.

Among their fears, activists say local roads and the M62’s Chain Bar intersection will be inundated with heavy traffic as between six and ten trucks could enter or exit the site every minute.

These fears were underscored by the independent assessment which, according to Save Our Spen, uncovered “inconsistencies and false claims” in an alternative traffic report submitted to the council by the applicant.

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The residents’ report points to the applicant’s assessment of using a traffic model which they consider to be “massively understated” and which is based on an incorrect number of truck loading points on the site.

In addition, several unnamed Amazon warehouse locations were cited in support of the assertions made and presented as evidence along with information from generic warehouse operations unrelated to the proposed Scholes facility.

A spokesman for Save Our Spen said the group hoped the Kirklees Council would take note of this.

He said, “It is inconceivable that national highways can be so forbidding.

“The report was made available to the Kirklees Council and we expect the Kirklees Council to respond to this information and insist that applicants provide a factual and accurate traffic assessment.

“Under no circumstances should this application be continued until all the facts are in place and verified.

“The deeper you dive into the building application, the more it seems to dissolve at the seams.”

The group was assisted by Cleckheaton Councilor John Lawson, leader of the Lib Dems on the council.

He commented, “I am very disappointed to learn that National Highways will not include the report in their evidence.

“Save Our Spen raised funds to pay for a professional, independent view.

“Not even considering it weakens the evidence of National Highways transportation – evidence that is heavily weighted in the committee.”

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