Aaron Rodgers’ estranged father says he is PROUD of him for refusing the COVID-19 syringe

Aaron Rodgers’ estranged father has spoken out in favor of the controversial decision by the Green Bay Packers quarterback to reject the COVID-19 vaccine and interviewed “haters” who accused him of misleading the public.

“I’m not sure why people think he misled anyone,” Ed Rodgers told USA Today.

Controversy over Aaron’s vaccination status erupted last week when he tested positive for COVID-19 and was forced to go into a 10-day quarantine – the minimum time an unvaccinated player must be quarantined under NFL rules.

The revelation that he was not vaccinated surprised many as Aaron appeared to indicate in August that he had received the injection. When asked by reporters at the training camp if he was vaccinated, Aaron said, “Yes, I was vaccinated,” but did not explain at the time that he was referring to any therapeutic treatment his doctors had prescribed rather than the COVID-19 vaccination .

He clarified his testimony on the Pat McAfee show last week, stating that he is allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine and also has concerns about possible parenting after the injection. Aaron also blamed reporters for confusion about his vaccination status for not asking further questions in August.

“I think some of the people who are haters, I think when they hear the show, I think he put things very eloquently and very directly and concisely,” Ed told USA Today.

However, in another interview with McAfee on Tuesday, Aaron admitted to misleading the public and apologized “to anyone who felt misled”.

Ed, along with the rest of the family, has been mysteriously estranged from Aaron for several years. He described the family’s relationship with Aaron as “progress” to USA Today, but did not elaborate on it.


Aaron Rodgers’ estranged father Ed (left) has spoken out in favor of the controversial decision by the Green Bay Packers quarterback to reject the COVID-19 vaccine, wondering why some felt misled about his son’s injection status

Aaron Rodgers has been mysteriously estranged from his family (pictured) for several years, but both he and members of the family have refused to publicly address their issues

“I really don’t want to talk about anything else,” Ed said. “I wanted to convey that somehow. I really think he did great and I hope he continues to be strong.

“I think he was trying to treat himself naturally, as a lot of people do. And there are a lot of great natural things out there that will help contain the virus. That’s why I’m proud of him. I am proud that he went this way. ‘

Ed, a chiropractor in Chico, Calif., Said, “There are many things that are not so good about the vaccine.”

Aaron told Pat McAfee last week that he received monoclonal antibodies and, on the advice of podcaster Joe Rogan, took ivermectin – a drug used to work with animals in its veterinary form that has not been proven to treat COVID-19. The FDA has not approved the drug for the prevention or treatment of the coronavirus in humans and has warned patients not to take veterinary ivermectin.

There are several reasons Rodgers is unvaccinated, he explained on Friday, including his own allergies and the likelihood that he and his fiancée, actress Shailene Woodley, would one day try to have children.

“I have an allergy to an ingredient found in the mRNA vaccines,” Rodgers said. “I found a long-term vaccination protocol to protect myself and I am very proud of the research behind it.”

A Kansas City Chiefs fan holds up a sign about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers before an NFL football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers begins on Sunday

According to the CDC, the COVID-19 vaccines are recommended for everyone over the age of 12, including women who are or may become pregnant and their partners.

According to a report by the NFL Network, Aaron received homeopathic treatment to raise his antibody levels and then asked the NFL to review his status. Determining that there was no such exception, the league ruled that Aaron was not vaccinated and made him subject to stricter pandemic protocols.

Aaron confirmed this coverage last week, saying he had asked the team to “accept my vaccination status according to their vaccination protocol,” but the league declined.

He also claimed to be the victim of a woken up mob.

“I firmly believe in the autonomy of the body and the ability to make decisions for your body – not having to submit to a lively culture or a crazy group of individuals who say you have to do something,” he admitted last week McAfee.

On the advice of podcaster Joe Rogan (pictured), Rodgers takes ivermectin to treat COVID. a

But the tone of voice was very different from that of Rodgers on Tuesday after it was reported that he was unhappy with media coverage of his refusal to be vaccinated.

“Hate is not going to get us out of this pandemic,” Rodgers said. “It will connect and love. And I won’t hate anyone who says things about me. I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion and I will always believe that. ‘

Regarding his time outside of football, Rodgers said he enjoyed his solitude as he watched the Packers drop to 7-2 with a loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City on Sunday.

He could still play against the Seattle Seahakws on Sunday, depending on whether he is acquitted by the team or not.

“The main thing is I just support him,” said Ed. ‘I am proud of him. I trust his judgment and his decisions. I think I would have done that. ‘

The protocols for unvaccinated players remain largely the same as for everyone during the 2020 season. The difference since the release of several vaccines is that players who received the injections are exempt from certain testing, distancing and masking protocols. However, unvaccinated players must keep their distance, wear masks, and undergo daily tests

Aaron has been mysteriously estranged from his family for several years, and while refusing to publicly discuss the matter, Brother Jordan Rodgers referred to the feud on Twitter in 2018.

In response to a video showing Aaron asking for donations to help those affected by the Paradise, Calif. Wildfires, Jordan responded by shaming his older brother for failing to check on their mother even lived in California.

“PLEASE DONATE, SPREAD AWARENESS AND SEND LOVE,” tweeted Jordan. “But if your own mother is home alone during the fires, the car is ready for evacuation, and you miss the basic first step of compassion; Calling your parents to make sure they are safe … Everything else just feels like an act. ”

Despite Jordan’s criticism, Aaron donates $ 1 million to forest fire victims.

Aaron once played for California-Berkley before winning a title as a member of the Packers. In fact, the whole family was there after the Super Bowl XLV win in early 2011, but things turned sour after that.

It is unknown what the dispute is about, but issues within the Rodgers family first came to light in 2016 when Jordan (now an ESPN college football analyst) was a candidate for a bachelor’s degree and announced that the Family no longer speaks to Aaron.

“Fame can change things,” Ed told the New York Times in 2017.

Aaron told reporters in 2017 that he felt it was inappropriate to speak publicly about family matters.

Aaron. confirmed to The Times that an article from the Bleacher report claiming Aaron had not spoken to the family since 2014 was correct.

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