A Star Island mansion built with a toothpick is on a $90 million fortune list

At some point I’ll stop explaining what Star Island is and just assume everyone knows it’s a tiny man-made island in Miami waters that’s home to billionaires and celebrities. There are about 30 villas on Star Island. the AVERAGE The value of a home on Star Island is $29.6 million.

Celebrities who currently own or have previously owned villas on Star Island include:

  • diddy
  • Gloria Estefan
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Don Johnson

Star Island should be fresh in your mind if you read Celebrity Net Worth regularly. Two weeks ago we wrote an article about a Star Island property that had just sold for $75 million. The most amazing aspect of this story was the fact that the house is a total demolition. So whoever the buyer was had to be rich enough to spend $75 million on essentially some dirt by the sea. That’s $75 million before another ten million is believed to be spent on building a new palace.

It turned out that the buyer was hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, whose net worth of $28 billion should certainly give him the clearance he needs to cover all future mortgage and construction costs 🙂

Griffin’s $75 million purchase of Star Island set the record for the most expensive home ever sold in the Miami area. Hopefully, Mr. Griffin isn’t too fixated on owning that record because a property just up the road has come on the market at a price of…

90 million dollars

The recently listed property, located at 27 Star Island, actually features TWO homes. As you will see in the video below, the “back” house is a 7,000 square foot, three bedroom Spanish style house that is almost 100 years old. The “Front House” is a brand new 20,000 square foot modern six bedroom mansion.

There is an overwater gym, massage room, pool, cabana, hair salon and 100 feet of ocean frontage.

Ignore the boring default thumbnail below. This video is worth your time:

[embedded content]

A dental fortune

The seller is a man named John Jansheski. John bought the property in 2011 for $10.75 million.

When he bought the property, the 1920’s Spanish-style home was actually on the water. But as you can see from the video above, the Spanish style house is now at the back of the property. How did this happen?

John initially wanted to demolish the old mansion. He lost his nerve after learning that another neighbor, plastic surgeon Leonard Hochstein, had spent years fighting neighbors and the city for the right to demolish his 90-year-old mansion a few doors down. CNW readers may recognize the name Leonard Hochstein because he and his wife, Lisa Hochstein, starred in multiple seasons of The Real Housewives of Miami.

So John Jansheski got creative.

In 2014, John paid an ungodly sum of money to have the original Spanish-style home lifted from the foundation and physically moved 150 feet to the back of the property.

Do not believe me? Here is a time-lapse video of the house moving:

[embedded content]

In the second half of the above video you can also see the new modern mansion under construction.

Who is John Jansheski and how did he get so rich?

The Jansheski family fortune has a pretty amazing origin story. You know those little plastic toothpicks with a piece of dental floss that’s preloaded for easy use? John’s father invented them.

John’s father, John Sr., invented and patented the original product which he called “Dental Pik”. Next time you’re in the dental care aisle at the drugstore, you’ll see Dental Pik brand dental floss picks.

John grew that one invention into a dental products empire called DenTek. Today, DenTek is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dental floss picks, mouth guards, tongue cleaners and more. It is the largest company exclusively manufacturing oral care products in the United States. The company sells over two billion dental floss picks each year.

Another fun fact: John’s ex-wife, Alyssa Morgan, is the house’s real estate agent. Nice to see how ex-couples get along 🙂

So now you know! Not only does flossing prevent tooth decay, but it can also make someone a fortune!

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