A ray without a falcao looks out over the coast of Elche

the Vallecano Ray added his fourth straight win of the season in his stadium by winning with goals from Mario Hernández and Frenchman Randy Nteka to the Moose (2-1), in a game where the Colombian Radamel Falcao stayed on the bench without playing.

The game started with the ray dominates all phases of the game In front of a moose that lets the locals propose and take the initiative while waiting for a decision. That failure came in the 14th minute, when junior player Mario Hernández, debutant in First, lost a ball that, after a quick game, reached Argentinean Lucas Boyé, who shot a shot from below from the front but was unable to parry Dimitrievski to do this, he touched it with his hands.

The same protagonist, Mario Hernández, was responsible for recovering from his previous failure with a header in the penalty area after a cross from his teammate Santi Comesaña in the 25th minute. With the tie, the game entered another phase, of greater equality, although it was Rayo who was most desperately looking for a goal that could come with a shot from Isi Palazón licking a post.

The second part began with the same tone in which Rayo again showed his references by focusing his entire game on the opposing field and Put Kiko Casilla to the test with separate shots from Sergi Guardiola and Esteban Saveljich, who knew how to handle the goalkeeper well. The arrival of Randy Nteka on the field enlivened the Ray. Indeed, the French striker was responsible for scoring the team’s second goal with a good single game that ended with a powerful shot from outside the box that was out of reach for Casilla.

That goal was the trigger for Fran Escribá to move his bench to one too triple change with Josan, Raúl Guti and the Argentine Pablo Piatti, but none of the three was the offensive boost his team needed. The injury to Montenegrin center-back Esteban Saveljich and the need to build muscle in midfield meant that Andoni Iraola had to make the last two changes almost by force to warm up.

The last minutes were a continuous siege of moosewho tried to equalize by dribbling balls into the penalty area and overturning the entire team, although Rayo knew how to defend well and held out until the end of eight minutes of stoppage time. Still, Carrillo equalized on the last play with a shot in the penalty area that went over the bar.

data sheet

2 – Rayo Vallecano: Dimitrievski; Mario Hernández (Kevin Rodrigues, m.73), Catena, Saveljich (Maras, m.83), Fran García; Isi Palazón, Valentín, Comesaña (Pathé Ciss, m.83), Álvaro; Trejo (Unai López, m.73); and Sergi Guardiola (Nteka, m.62).

1 – moose: Kiko Casilla; Palacios, Gonzalo Verdú, Bigas, Josema (Mojica, m.77); Piatti, Mascarell, Gumbau (Josan, m.65), Fidel (Carrillo, m.77); Benedetto (Raúl Guti, m.65) and Lucas Boyé (Piatti, m.65).

goals: 0-1: M.14 Lucas Boyé; 1-1: M.25 Mario Hernández; 2-1: M.65 Nteka.

referee: Santiago Jaime Latre (Aragonese Committee). He admonished Unai López (m.84), from Rayo; and to Gumbau (28) and Kiko Casilla (93), from Elche.

Incidents: Game corresponding to the ninth matchday of the Santander League in the Vallecas Stadium in front of around 8,000 spectators. A minute’s silence was observed in memory of all those who died of Covid-19.

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