a game developed in a post-apocalyptic Venezuela

Eight years have passed since Commander Choro’s death and his socialist utopia has turned into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. An armed man seeks a way to escape the horror, but falls in love with a woman obsessed with saving her country. Together they will face soldiers, zombies, cannibal mermaids and the liberator himself. This is the story of Choro 2021, a new video game made in Venezuela.

This work by Zitelman is still in development, but we can already download and play the first level for free from Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple iOS devices.

This 8-bit style adventure is inspired by classic titles like: Metroid, Burgvania, Megaman, Ninja gaiden and Against. Obviously, the story of survival in a dystopian Venezuela is based on the reality of that country. We also notice a lot of influence from the ‘spaghetti western’, especially in its protagonist. It reminds us of Clint Eastwood’s “Man Without a Name” in the Dollar trilogy.

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Source: video game official website

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