A crane above the clouds web event guide

We continue to prepare for Shenhe’s arrival. We recently learned about their talents, equipment, and artifacts and now we have her as the protagonist of the ‘A crane above the clouds’ web event where we can earn rewards Genshin impact.

This is how you get to the ‘A crane above the clouds’ web event from Genshin impact?

Regardless of whether you play on PC or mobile devicesAll you have to do is visit this website, log in with their miHoYo account and select the zone that the server you are playing on belongs to (if you are in Colombia it is most likely America).

The best way to participate, however, is to join the game directly from the Special Events menu. We also recommend this if you are playing on PS4 or PS5. In this case, they will receive a QR code from the game which they can scan with their phone and access the site with the automatically logged in session.

What is the event?

We need to participate in Shenhe’s various training assignments. It is important that we use the option to “share” the event on social networks to provide guidance on what to do and what to do next.

In act 1 we have to click or touch the three paper spells. Then we have to share the event again to redeem the rewards.

In Act 2, after “sharing” the event, we have to touch or click the three Qingxin flowers in the order in which they glow. Then we have to share the event again to redeem the rewards.

To complete Act 3 we will have to divide the event again to reveal the clue. Then we need to help Shenhe meditate by tapping or clicking on the balls around her.

What are the rewards?

The total rewards of the web event ‘A crane above the clouds’ in Genshin impact are as follows:

  • Protogems x40
  • Jade Shivada Fragments x3
  • Mystical Refining Material x2

You will receive these rewards in the game’s internal mail. Do not attend the event for long as it is only available for a few days.

Source: miHoYo

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