100% electric cars: those were the safety ratings!

Do you know the Euro NCAP test? It is a rating system designed to help consumers, their families and businesses compare different types of vehicles. The idea is to choose the safest option within the same price range.

As you may have noticed, the number of stars (0 to 5) awarded depends on the performance of each vehicle in a test series. This is a methodology that aims to simulate real-life scenarios which, in turn, can have serious consequences for the driver in road traffic, such as serious injuries or even death.

Obviously, these tests will never manage to capture the full complexity of the real world. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that Euro NCAP has helped the automotive industry develop further and has therefore invested heavily and ugly in the safety of its vehicles.

Even so, we still see many drivers today who view electric cars as less safe bets. But is that true? Let’s look at the 2021 NCAP ratings. (Attention, only the models launched this year appear here. We are not talking about all the electric cars sold!)

100% electric cars: those were the safety ratings!

100% electric cars:

It is therefore very gratifying that 11 out of 17 models tested achieved 5 stars in 2021. Of the 6 models from the “top”, however, four went for 4 stars, while the Renault group disappointed heavily and ugly, with the Dacia Spring receiving a single star and the Renault Zoe to disappoint even more by getting zero stars.

First of all, it should also be borne in mind that sub-classifications must also be taken into account within the 5 stars. In other words, the top 5 in this table also means that they are the 5 safest cars of the year, first and foremost the Mercedes EQS, closely followed by the Polestar 2 and VW ID.4.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Do you follow the Euro NCAP tests? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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